October 14, 2016

The big fallacy

"If we change our thoughts, we change our outcome." (Joyce Meyer)

That sounds right doesn't it?

Sounds logical.

Sounds easy.

What's wrong with that statement?

When I was s bank teller, and was being trained concerning how to spot counterfeit money, I was told, "Don't study the counterfeit, but know the real thing, and then you will be able to spot the fake."

When we study, and know the Word, then we can spot the counterfeit.

More accurately, I would say that to spot the fake prophets, know God.

We know God only through repentance.

We then are given a new heart.

The new heart is accomplished by the old heart being excised.

The old is gone, and the new comes.

With the new heart, one knows that whatever has changed has not been of their doing.

None of it.

So for Joyce Meyer, and a myriad of other new-age, and false prophets to say, "Change your focus," or any of those type words rearranged in bountiful ways, is to preach fallacy.

You cannot change anything.

Not permanently.

Only a born new person is really changed, and the change that occurs is forever.

The born new person does not need to change anything, for all things have become new.

All things have already changed.

It is heresy to say, "Change your focus," or to start any conversation with anyone when it comes to a relationship with God, and the world, and life, with words that sound as though you can do it.

Yes, repentance means that you change your mind about the sin that you do, but that change is done while still in sin, and the pigsty.

The prodigal son, while still in sin, changed his mind, and headed home, never to wander again.

He was new.

When the sin is gone, the mind is new, and it never is old again.

Or did Jesus die in vain, and the Holy Spirit is not able to keep you from sin?

Must you get up every day and change your mind, and walk into the kitchen, and change your mind, and see a mess, and change your mind, and how long must you continuously change your focus to do what you have been commanded to do?

With every step, are you to change your mind?

If you must do that, then you are walking by the work that YOU do.

That is why so many are confused, and fail, and wander, and get depressed, and discouraged.

They think that they just need to DO better with their focus.

You can't do better.

Or would you like to think that YOU can, and then when YOU do it, then who gets the glory?

You would.

The truly victorious are continuously victorious, and those are the born new souls.

They are continuously a living sacrifice, and are loving, and it has nothing to DO with THEM.

They have been born of God.


When you listen to sermons, and teachings, tune in to words that have to DO with you DOING.


Other than repent.

If you hear that you just got to do better, or words to that effect, run.

You cannot do better.

Did Jesus ever teach anything like that?

Did he ever say, "Do better, or "Keep your focus," or "Change your focus."

He commands perfection. .

That cannot be DONE by YOU.

Only in repentance are you GIVEN a new heart, and FREEDOM from trying to keep your focus!

That new heart will not think the same as the old, and it will have NOTHING to do with YOU.

It will have everything to do with being born-again.

If you do not hear the words "born again" then again, run.

The reason that you will not hear those words from a majority of preachers is that they aren't born-again. Jesus said that many are the false prophets. Many preachers cannot tell one how to be born new. If you do not hear the words "repent," and "turn from your sin," then run.

Everything else is new-age, and false.

The big fallacy is that YOU can do something to better yourself.

You can't.

Repent, and be born again, or stay in your sin, and perish in it as you spin in this world, always trying to do better, and keep your focus, as if the weight is on you to perform.

Or repent, and find rest, and know God.

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