October 28, 2016

Sometimes or always?

Do you expect your husband to always love you, or just sometimes?

What does "sometimes" look like to you?

What if it means something different to me?

Sometimes, by definition, means on occasion, or now, and then.

Is that the type love you want from a husband?

Is that the type love that you give as a wife?

What type do you believe God commands from his child?

What do you think God has done to make a provision for his child to always love?

What is the Holy Spirit's role in the life of a true believer?


Is it comfortable knowing that you will sin, and thus betray the Lord in doing so?

What the Lord commands, he also provides— always.

To the repentant, grace is applied in full measure.

To the repentant, sin is anathema.

To the repentant, love is flowing, and in it, she will rest, and give, and give again.

God's love is inside the repentant. His love is constant. It is not a sometimes love.

It is not love that is patient on occasion.

It is love that will not be of your doing at all, but of him.

II Peter 1:3-11 tells us that the divine nature is inside the repentant.

The divine nature is always loving.

It tells us that "if these qualities are in you," then you are effective and fruitful.

Is love "in" you?

The opposite is true as well.

Peter is saying, "Check yourself. Do you see the fruit of love coming out of you? If not, then the divine nature is NOT in you."

The words of Scripture are written that you might KNOW if you are truly born new.

Maybe you aren't.

It is not enough to say that you love the Lord.

He tells us that many say that they love him, and yet, their hearts are far from him.



The fruit of love, at all times, not sometimes, and on occasion now and then, is in you.

Or do you think that you get to choose when you will love?

What type master do you serve?

Is it one that allows you to do as you please, when you please, and be an occasional servant?

That happens on the wide road.  That happens as you continue in your sin. Do you sin?

If to, then you are an occasional lover of the Lord, or do you think that you love him when you sin?

You don't.

His word says differently.

Do you believe it, or are you floating by on a cloud of wishful thinking, and in a cloud of confusion?

You are if you think that love is a sometimes deal.

Not with God.

He commands it.

Not only when you have had "enough" sleep, and your tummy is not hungry, but always.

We think that we suffer when we have a hangnail.

Let's talk shipwreck.

And beatings.

And nakedness, and true hunger, and homelessness, and what else did Paul suffer for the gospel?

In it ALL he caused no one to stumble by his behavior.

He had been born new.

It was obvious.

Is it with you?

Is love on display always?

Or do you still have the old nature?

 It is one or the other, not both. The redeemed do not love, and then hate. Lie, and then speak truth.

Drop the facade.

Admit your hate.

Or continue in it, and your heart will get harder, and you will not know God.

Neither will you see him.

Or repent, and be washed, and set free, and according to Jesus, free indeed, to love, and only love.

Or do you just not want to do that?

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