October 23, 2016


A supposed Christian, who can still sin, is in the same boat as someone who would say that they don't believe in God, or anything that Jesus espoused— right?

Is sin evil in a Christian?

If so, then a Christian can be evil, right?

Or is it that they just do evil, but they can't be evil?

Are you evil when you lie, and covet, and slander, or do you just slip up, and do a boo-boo?

Do you consider that neighbor, who is not kind, to be evil, but when you are impatient with the child, the husband, then it is just that you are in a hurry, and they are slow, and that chatty check-out girl, who you inwardly disdain, well, if she would just do her job, and then all would be well— right?

Your lack of patience is warranted— right?

Is your sin justified in your heart because you walked an aisle, and were baptized?

Are you right with God because you pray, and go to church, and try hard not to think bad thoughts?

What did Jesus say about sin?

Why did Jesus say that people, all people, sin?

Did he say that it is different in one soul, than another?

Why did Jesus die?

If sin was atoned for before Jesus died, then why did he die?

What is the difference before and after the resurrection?

Do you study the Word?

Are your prayers heard, and if you think that they are, then how do you know?

Which particular Scripture informs you that your prayers are heard?

Can a lost person pray, and God hears them?

Does sin enter the picture at all in regard to being heard by God?

If so, how?

What could you tell a lost soul about sin?

What is sin?

Do you care to know, and study, or are you complacent in your walk with God?

Do you even know him?

Can you sin, and know God, and say that you love him?

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