October 6, 2016

Only good fruit?

"Produce fruit in keeping with repentance," Matthew 3:8.

Those words were spoken by John the baptizer.

He was, and is, saying that you will know when you have truly repented when fruit is produced.

Is fruit being produced in you, the type that keeps in line with a truly repentant heart?

Is your life a factory of love, and joy, and peace, and patience, and gentleness?

Or does you factory produce various types of fruit?

Is some of it rotten? Spoiled? Not fit for humans who profess to know God?

You can profess to know God, and not know God.

Jesus spoke of lip-service.

He spoke of easy versus narrow.

The life of the repentant produces only good fruit.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:17 that good trees produce good fruit.

We are led to believe by charlatans, false prophets, and the misled, that one can produce sin as they produce good fruit, as if the bad, and good come off the assembly line, that is the heart, together.

Do not be deceived.

Charlatans pretend to have the truth, and they will speak it convincingly.

Would your pastor be shocked to hear that you sin? Would he be saddened? What would he say?

Does he sin? I would assume so if he says that you can still sin. What is his sin?

Sin always brings death.

Jesus also says that the Holy Spirit is NOT given to, nor poured into, an old heart (Matthew 9:17).

First repentance, and then the filling, and the love does not stop.

Let's say that you had the ability to have perfect love flow through your mind, body, and spirit.

It filled you.

Will you say then at some point you would get tired of that, and look to something else to fulfill you?

If you sin, then you choose to sin.

If perfect love is in you, and then you choose to sin— how can that be the case?

Are you saying that perfect love would get old?

It would lose its sweet flavor?

The world would look good to you?


To keep you coming back to them is why a charlatan would declare that you would still sin AFTER you have repented, and have had perfect love flowing through you.

Being saved is not a walk down an aisle, or a repeat of a prayer, nor is it tears of sorrow.

Many have cried over their poor decisions, and yet would deny Christ, and do deny him.

So do you if you sin.

To deny Christ is sin, and to do any other sin (that you would say that you do) is sin.

Sin is sin.

It is not different in you compared to ANYONE else.

Yes, the repentant, the one who really agrees with God about sin, will not turn to God, and then turn again to sin, for that would be to disagree with God about sin, and that is the same as denying him.

If you still sin, continue to follow Jesus, but know this.

He will lead you to God, and God is perfect.

No one can be in his presence unless the perfection of Christ is fully in them.

The perfection of Christ does not dwell at all, in any way, in an old wineskin.

Through repentance, one is given a new heart, and the new heart produces only good fruit.

That is what Jesus said and it is what he meant, and if anyone minces his words, they lie.

The truth is not in them.

When Jesus is truly in you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you are new.

All things are new.

You do not, and will not, think about horoscopes, yoga, food, diets, Hollywood, politics, money, animals, people, Scripture, the weather, and hell the same way as you did prior to being made new.

Sin brings death, but in Christ, one is made alive (Ephesians 2:5).

Sin always makes one dead.

Christ makes one alive, once and for all time.

If you still sin, then you are dead in your sin.

Being made new in Christ is to be made (created) in Christ.

Those souls, who are created in Christ, are done so for only good works (Ephesians 2:10), and one walks only in good works on the narrow road where the foot does not slip (Psalm 121:3).

God keeps the feet of the repentant from veering off the road (I Corinthians 10:13).

He makes no temptation too strong.

Sin is committed when temptation is too strong, and then one falls, and commits sin.

I Corinthians tells us God does not allow that to happen in the repentant. 

Are you on the narrow road?

I used to wonder, when I thought I was saved, if I was on the narrow road.

I wanted to be on it, but my sin was causing confusion about it.

How could I be on the narrow road, and still want the husband of another?

How could I be on the narrow road and still covet, and be untruthful, and unloving?

Truth is, I wasn't on it.

Not till I repented.

The lies of Satan have blinded many.

The lies have come through those who would have more money, and power, and influence.

Be wary of anyone who makes a living from preaching.

They will not want to make you mad.

We typically don't give money to people who make us mad.

Being told, "You're a sinner," makes people mad.

Read the Gospels.

That message, "Repent of your sin," provoked many to want to kill Jesus.

Your choice to sin will escort you to hell.

No matter your prayers, your ability to cast out demons, or build a ministry.

No matter your disciplining others, and handing out tracts, or mission trips. 

If you work iniquity (spend energy on sin) Jesus will tell you to depart from him (Matthew 7:21-23).

Only good fruit.

Only good fruit.

The good tree produces one thing.

Only good fruit?


Only good fruit.

That is what the Savior says.

Find it in Matthew 7:18.

How do you respond to the message he speaks?

Will you say, "Fine. But I'm saved. I have no concern with the sin that I do. It's covered."

And he will say to you that when you are truly a good tree, then only good fruit is produced.

Are you a good tree?

If so, then only good fruit is being produced, and there are no spots on that fruit, for it will be the righteousness of Christ in you to do it, and you will not boast, save in the One who saved you.

We are saved from sin to sin no more.

Not just when we get to heaven.

Of course no one sins in heaven.

The kingdom of heaven is IN the ones who have Christ in them.

They sin no more now.

They love, and will continue to love until heaven.

Christ is their joy. They want nothing more. They need nothing more.

They are full.

They hunger, and thirst no more.

They produce only good fruit.

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