October 20, 2016

Nothing more horrifying

I imagine that you can think of things that would be horrible if they occurred.

The loss of .... name something.

Name what it is that, if lost, would horrify you?

What comes to my mind are those who will stand before Jesus, and think that they are saved.

I think that the most horrifying thing would be to think that I was good to go to heaven, and then to hear Jesus say, "Depart from me for I never knew you."

That person would have lived a life here on earth thinking that they were good to go, but weren't.

They would have lived a life thinking that they knew Jesus, but didn't.

They would have lived a life thinking they were fruitful, but weren't.

So what constitutes a life of goodness, and knowing Jesus, and fruitfulness?

Is it praying?

Is it doing mighty works for Jesus?

Is it prophesying, or preaching for Jesus?

Is it casting out demons?

Is it building a ministry?

Those things sound holy, and good, and righteous— right?

Each of those things, we find mentioned in Matthew 7:21-22.

And, according to Jesus, those things do not make a soul holy, and acceptable to God.

What do you do that makes you think that you are holy, and acceptable before God?

What about smoking, and drinking, and saying "bad" words?

Have you given up those things, and do you now have a Bible study, or go to Bible study, and you pray every day, and give money to the church to help build ministries, and you sing praise songs?

Do you think that your church attendance is a good thing?

Scripture tells us only God is good.

It says that any of our supposed "goodness" is as filthy rags compared to God.

He is the standard, and we must be perfect to see him, and have fellowship with him.

Are you perfect?

What part of you is perfect?

Are you perfect always?

Jesus says that if you spend energy on sin, then you will not see heaven.

Do you sin?

No matter the good that you do, you will be told to depart from Jesus, according to Jesus.

Why do we flinch from the word perfection?

Is it for fear of what others would, or will, think?

It got Jesus killed.

Are you perfect?

What happens upon a soul being washed?

What happened to you?


Did all things become NEW?

Have they become new?

If not, when will they become new?

According to Jesus, it must happen before you stand before him.

Does it happen on your flight to heaven?

If so, where do you find that in Scripture?

On what do you base your thoughts?

The latest out of the "Christian" publishing houses?

Or what the latest "Christian" cult-like speaker is saying?

When you read of them, and hear them speak, do they tell you to repent of your sins?

That you cannot continue to sin and know God?

And do they tell you that time is short, and that you must love God with all your heart?

And your neighbor too?

Or do you just leave them "feeling" good about yourself?

Wake up, and read the Word, and study to prove yourself before God.

Stand your ground, or walk on the wide road, and wander.

Don't rely on the myriad of false teachers, who Jesus said would abound in the last days.

Or you will think you are good.

You will stand before Jesus, and you don't want to be horrified.

Knowing God now is heaven on earth.

Does that describe your life?

Or do you still live in fear, and lust, and hate?

Spending energy on those things is sin, and those who sin are "workers of iniquity."

Those are the very ones to whom Jesus will speak words which will horrify them.

Jesus tells those who spend energy on sin to depart from him (Matthew 7:23).

Do you spend any energy at all on sin?

Do you think that a "little" sin is okay with God?

What will Jesus say to you?

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