October 13, 2016

Meditating on love

How blessed is the woman who walks on the narrow road, whose feet stay put.

She meditates on the law.

She contemplates, observes, and studies carefully the statutes of God.

What is that law?


The new law, instituted by Jesus Christ, is on her mind.

She thinks about how next she can show love to her husband.

Not one day goes by where she is not patient with him, tender toward him, and kind to him.

She dwells in the law of love.

She loves her neighbor.

She is in the Vine, and love, tenderness, and mercy flow through her to her husband, and those she meets are never exempt from gentleness, even to the stranger, she is kind, never pushy, or rude.

She weeps with those who weep, and she helps the down-and-out, and she isn't looking for a stone to cast as she thinks on love, and her mind is occupied constantly on who to shower next with love.

Her hand stretches out to love, and her energy is expended on others.

How about you?

What does it take for you to love on someone?

Do you need to be reminded to love?

Are sticky notes plastered all over your house as a reminder to walk as Jesus walked?

Does not the Holy Spirit of God reside in you to do as he pleases?

Have you not yielded your body as a continuous living sacrifice, or do you hop off the altar, and then back on, and then off again depending on the weather, your mood, and the behavior of others?

If so, then you are not blessed no matter your words, for the Word says otherwise.

Psalm 1:1 tells us that the blessed person contemplates thoroughly, and has in her view as a future event the law of the Lord which is love. Her feet are planted in it (she is attached to the Vine), and she is just like a tree planted by a river flowing with love; she is grounded in love.

She speaks truth.

That type of love is not found in a praise song that makes you cry cause it is so pretty.

That type of love is found in repentance.

That type of love is not in your life when you've had sufficient rest, and good food.

It is given by God to the repentant.

That woman is happy, blessed, and attached to the One who is love.

She has repented.

She is always thinking about how to love, where to love, and who to love.

Love is on her radar at all times.

Gossip, hate, rebellion, contention, jealousy, slander, and all manner of evil have been removed from her soul as far as the east is from the west, and she is filled with divine love, and she is happy.

How about you?

What is on your mind?

What occupies your thoughts?

Must you constantly reel in the ugly, the hate, the angst?

To the repentant, his yoke is easy, and the "burden" to love others is easy.

Only to the those who agree with God about the sin that they do is love (like a river) given.

Have you been given love by God?

If so, then you are blessed, and you are always thinking of how to love on others, and you are looking for ways to love on others, and you yield fruit in season , and your leaf never withers.

The Lord knows what you do, and in the end, you will stand before God.

Read Psalm 1, and ask the hard questions concerning your thought life, and your love for others.

All others. Does God's love occupy your every thought? Does your love never dry up?

Do you meditate on love always?

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