October 17, 2016

Leonard Sweet, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and many more

Jesus warned that many false teachers would arise in the last days.

We are told to watch out for them. (Matt. 7:15)

Do you?

Have you?

Would you know a false one?

The way to know a false one is to know the truth.

I will not take the time to study Leonard Sweet, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and many others.

If the message that you hear anyone proclaim does not inform you to repent, and follow Jesus, run.

The message of the gospel of Jesus started with the first word out of the mouth of Jesus when he began his ministry. Do you know what that word was, and is? Repent.

What is the next words out of his mouth?

The kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17), or time is short.

The truly redeemed rejoice at those words, and can hardly wait to see their Savior.

The lost recoil a bit at the thought, and hope it isn't true.

It is. Jesus said so. Those who truly believe in him, believe his words, and live accordingly.

If anyone comes to you talking about getting stuff, and you walk away from their teaching wanting "more," then run. There is no more after one repents, and meets God. What more could there be?

In your heart, do you want more?

So many teach "more" as if being free indeed from sin, and knowing God is NOT enough.

It is, and the gospel message is simple.

I don't need to know Greek words for English ones, and I don't need to be entertained, and I don't need an out of body experience, or a deeper walk, or a closer walk, I just am told to walk.

I am told to abide.

I am commanded to love.

You can have your experiences that defy all others that leave you wanting more of them.

I am free.

Are you?

Follow your latest guru, and experiment with yoga, and contemplative meditation if you choose.

God says that those are an abomination (Deuteronomy 13).

Or do you think that he has said to dip into Eastern religions, and somehow sanctify them?

He has not.

Beware of false teachings, and false teachers, for they will come to you in sheep's clothing.

They will look good, and sound good, but their message is evil.

Believe in the Lord, and you shall be saved.

If you endure to the end, then you will be saved.

Follow Jesus, or wander, and remain wanting.

Repent, and live not for this world on any level.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

What are you succumbing to in regard to teachings by anyone?

Are you listening closely?

Or are you asleep?

Wake up, for the time is short, and the end is near.

Jesus said so, as did Paul (Romans 13:11).

Is that the message that you hear from the ones who preach to you?

Do they tell you to repent, and to not live for this world, or do you suspect that they like stuff?

Do they live any differently than what you see all around you?

Have they told you that your salvation is proven in your love for your neighbor?

Or do they leave you feeling pretty good about yourself, and do they make you laugh?

Is theirs a cushy message?

Does it in any way leave you thinking YOU must, and can, do something to improve yourself?

You can't. That will never happen. A soul is born of God, and made new by him, or they are lost.

Be aware. Listen. Parse their words.

Or follow them on the wide road where they lead many to hell with them.

Jesus said so. (Matthew 15:14)

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