October 21, 2016

It's not funny

"Jesus is coming soon, and hopefully before the next election."

The words were on a sign, outside of a church, you know, the signs churches use for information.

It's not funny.

Making light of a significant event, with grave consequences, is beneath the truly redeemed.

People will go to hell for eternity, and only those, who really don't believe it, would make light of it.

The hope that the truly redeemed have is solely, exclusively, and decidedly, in Christ.

In him, they rest, regardless of a contentious looming election.

Regardless of a difficult marriage.

Or a life of wealth, poverty, sickness, or health.

Nothing sways the one who is like a tree planted by the streams of a river.

They flourish no matter what.

And to them, the gospel message is not funny, and in it, they are steeped.

Let elections come, and go, for they will go on loving, with a redeemed, and new sense of humor.

They will know what is funny, and what is not.

They will have mercy on all, and show grace to all, and when the gospel is misrepresented by the supposed leaders of the faith, then they will pray fervently for those lost souls.

Not every one who says, "Lord, Lord," is saved.

Jesus said that many are the false prophets, and preachers, and pastors of today.

How will you know them?

By their love for people, never for things, for they will live circumspect lives, and they will be the ones stopping to help those in the ditches, and stooping to love on children, and they are the givers.

Never the takers.

They will be the example for, and to, the churches they serve.

They will be above reproach (blame, fault, censure).

They will not banter in a silly way about any part of the gospel.

Jesus was tortured for us, and died for us, and Paul was ship-wrecked, and suffered beatings for the gospel, and today, we see pastors who tell jokes, and live like the world, with much of its wealth.

They suffer no persecution, and would most likely sue anyone who simply slandered, or libeled them. Most will not stand to even be questioned. They see their members as belonging to them. They are proud of their numbers, and the "campus sites" that they build. Suffering is anathema to them.

They have no fire, or passion for the gospel, nor do they preach repentance.

Nor do they tell their parishioners that the saved, not only should expect persecution, but will indeed have it in their lives, and that they will rejoice in it, for it is a pleasure to share in a small way the sufferings of their Lord (I Peter 4:13). 

They do not know suffering, or repentance.

They dwell in easy chairs, and the comforts of this world, and they still sin.

They are not above reproach.

It's not funny what is happening in churches, and the price will be devastation, and all it seems most members want is to laugh; just make me laugh, and in that condition, many will go to hell.

And it won't be funny.

Beware of the false teachers is what Jesus warned.

Watch out for the false ones.

Do you watch out for them?

Is your pastor a false one?

Have you studied the words that your pastors speaks?

Is he telling you to repent, and to turn, once and for all, from you sin?

Has he told you that the redeemed do not continue to sin (I John 3:9)?

Or does he say that everyone still sins?

Then so does he, and do you wonder what it is that he is doing that counts as sin?

Or is he exempt somehow?

If he says that you can still sin, then he still sins.

Is it adultery? Stealing? Lying? Envy? Immorality of any sort?

Does he not love God with all his heart, nor his neighbor at all?

It could be any of those sins, for sin is sin.

It's not funny.

But laugh if you choose, or choose to repent of your sin, and walk with a sober heart (I Peter 1:13).

Which way will you choose?

When you have chosen to repent, then you will be washed, never to be the same again.

All things will become new.

The gospel will be sweeter than anything to you.

Darkness will turn to light.

You will no longer wander.

Till then, you do wander, and you will not be free from hate, and bitterness, envy, fear, and slander.

You will enjoy your ears being tickled, and your fashion, and wealth, and funny jokes on Sunday.

But it's not funny what waits for those who choose unwisely.

Do you believe in hell?

If you do, then your life will demonstrate it.

What do you demonstrate to your world?

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