October 31, 2016

How do we love anyone?

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us." (I John 4:18-19)

If you still have fear, of any sort, and at any time, then you have not been made perfect in love.

The redeemed, who have repented of sin, have been made perfect in love.

They live fear-free.

They are free, and free indeed.

That is joy unspeakable, and peace that passes understanding, and love without bounds.

Their souls are perfect. Perfection does not sin. Love fills the truly redeemed (Romans 5:5).

We have the words of Scripture that we might know if we have been made perfect (I John 5:13).

We study Scripture to see if we have truly been born new.

That is the reason for study.

Study to prove yourself, we are told, and do you? (II Timothy 2:15)

Look at what the Word says is true about the redeemed, and check, or examine, yourself.

Paul says that he gave the church NO reason to believe that he stumbled (II Corinthians 6:3).

He also said to follow his example, as he followed the example of Christ. (I Corinthians 11:1)

Are you able to say that to anyone, and everyone, as did Paul?

"Follow my example! This is the way to live, and love for Christ. Watch me."

That is the standard.

Can you say that?

Do you think that you grow into that ability?

If so, are you saying that you grow into perfection?

Do you sin along the way?

Must you try harder?

If so, then is perfection something you must accomplish?

Does God ask for your help?

What happens in your life?



Lack of love?



Some will say, "You just have to mature. Sin happens. Don't worry about it."

Those people lie. Sin does not just happen. Sin happens because of a love for it (John 3:19).

And one does not sin on their way to perfection.

Don't be deceived (James 1:16-27).

You've been warned.

Don not believe a lie. 

What is the one thing in which we could be deceived that really matters now, and in the end?


Once saved, and washed of sin as far as east is from the west, then one is whole.

Lacking nothing.

Or one is incomplete. One will lack if one has not repented, and been made new.

One cannot grow in love as they sin along the way.

On the narrow road, one walks with a single heart, undivided, and loving all.

On the wide road, one walks, "loving" sometimes, and then having meltdowns, or in other words, demanding their own way, and demanding to be served, and sinning first one way, and then another.

The passage at the beginning of this blog tells us that one cannot love at all until they have been loved by God, and to be loved by God is to have been washed by him, and filled by him.

Any other type of "love" is fickle.

Even Hitler 'loved" at times.

Even Hitler was patient at times.

And kind at times.

And maybe even served a cup of coffee to Eva Braun, or brought her a flower on occasion.

What is love?

It always behaves one way.

If the behavior that you exhibit is different than what you find in I Corinthians 13, you don't love.

Behavior, to be love, consists of kind actions— always.

One must be born new for that to happen.

How do we love anyone?

Only by first repenting.

Repentance is a one time event.

Or would you say that you agree with God about sin, and then you don't?

To repent is to agree with God about sin.

Then one is washed, and born new, and then one lives as a sacrifice daily.

Does that sound too hard?

If so, then you do not know God, for the Word says that his yoke is easy, and his burden light.

That is a fact to those who have the Spirit living in them, and doing through them, what God has commanded, and what has he commanded, and what MUST be done to see heaven?

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too (Matthew 22:37).

Do it.

You must. (But first you must be born new.)

If you opt not to do those two things, then you do not know God, nor love him.

Do you believe that?

You will when you repent.

Till then, sin blinds you. You walk in rebellion. You do not know God.

Till then you cannot believe it for sin resides in your heart, and a heart divided will not stand. 

You will continue to fall, in sin, until you finally repent of hate.

No one who knows God continues to sin (I John 3:6).

To know God is to love him, and to love God is to obey him. (I John 5:3)

Do you?

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