October 9, 2016

Having no wants

The redeemed woman has no want— of anything.

She does not want her husband to do this or that, or fulfill her, or take her out, or bring her in.

She is not a wanton woman.

She is a filled woman, who is at rest in her soul, and who is, also, never at unrest.

She's not moody.

Are you?

So is the world.

The redeemed woman is not of this world.

You may, if that is the choice you make, tend to fudge, and wiggle, and squirm a bit on that topic.

You will do that if you like, or need, the attention of your man, or anyone else.

You might say, "But I'm human!"

The redeemed woman, while still human, has been born new in Christ Jesus her lord.

A born new human is the one who is redeemed.

She is never the same again upon true salvation.

Do not be deceived.

Anyone born of Spirit is spirit, and no longer walks according to the flesh (Romans 8:5).

Flesh means like the world.

No longer.

As in never.

Redemption is, according to John 1:12-13, a total transformation, that is instantaneous.

The new birth changes a needy woman into a new woman.

She will not nag, nor berate, nor belittle her man.

She does not boast of in herself at all, but only of her God.

She loves, no longer hating anyone, for her heart is new, brand new, never to think the same way about anything again, including, date-nights, vacations, Sunday mornings, Saturday mornings, or any other day, or event, or birthday, holiday, or anniversary, for all things, all things, all things, are new.

Breakfast is new.

Giving is new.

Receiving is new.

And nothing is conjured, or manipulated, or worrisome.

Is it a Pollyanna life?


Pollyanna, a fictional character, was viewed as the 'source' of optimism.

If that can be the case, then a person can also be the source of pessimism.

And if that is the case, then you (and I) will be blaming others for a dour, sour, or ugly aura.

Think about the number of times you have heard the words, "Be positive," or "Don't be negative."

A Christian is neither of those, but is redeemed, changed, and is never the source of love.

Therefore, because the redeemed are not the source of love, then they never run out of it.

They are no one's Savior, but they point to him.


They are attached to the Source, and out of them will flow love.

Not positivity, or negativity which are new-age words, with unChrist-like meanings.

No child of God brings a "charge" into a room, nor changes any heart.

You can blame another for the vibe you think is happening, but the only thing happening is either you are attached to the Vine and are always producing good fruit, or you are not.

Jesus never spoke of vibes, or being positive, or negative, but he said some other things.

He spoke definitively, and distinctly, and decisively about obedience, and love, and hell.

Do you know what he has said?

Do you follow him?

When he is your Shepherd, then you have no need for anyone to change their perhaps stinking rotten attitude to bring light to your world, for your soul will dwell in the Light.

What need do you have?

It will reveal itself by what you say.


What are you saying to your husband, your friends, and to your friends about your husband?

What is your need?

Who will meet your need?

It will never be a friend, no matter how positive they are.

Nor will it be a husband, no matter how spiritual he is, or you wish him to be.

When the Shepherd is your shepherd, then you will not want— for anything.

He will meet your every need.

And what is the need exactly of every soul?


No one will see God without a perfectly obedient heart.


How can one have that?


Do you agree with God about sin?

When you really do, then you will not sin again.

To sin is to choose to do what is evil.

Does anyone choose to sin by accident?

Choose to repent.

Agree with God.

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