October 16, 2016

Have you prayed that prayer?

Psalm 39:8a, "Deliver me from all my transgressions."


Another definitive word. 

It means "the whole of."

Have you ever asked to be free from every last bit of your sin?

If not, why not?

Would Jesus, who sets men free, and free indeed, not answer that one prayer?

Would Jesus, whose mission was to point to the Father, not provide the way to him?

The only way is through perfection.

The way to perfection is through repentance, and being washed in grace, and filled with love.

Sin always displays an imperfect soul.

And when Jesus sets a soul free, then they are free indeed.

From all transgressions.

If you are not free from all transgressions, then you are not free indeed.

You do not have the Father's ear.

The Word says that you can pray, but he will not hear you, does not hear you, if you sin.

You can still hear him.

But he won't hear you.

The very first word out of the mouth of Jesus as he started his ministry was repent..

First things first.

Have you done that?

Did you ever repent?

Did you ever agree with God about the sin that you do?

If you were to pray, "Deliver me from all my transgressions," then would Jesus deliver you from some, and only the ones that weren't too hard for him, and only the ones that didn't need you to seek counseling first (from someone who most likely still says that they sin)?

How can a sinner set you free?

Follow Jesus. Pray that prayer from Psalm 39:8, or would you rather hang onto a few sins?

If followed, then he always takes one to the Father, and in the process he sets free— from all sin.

You must follow Jesus, and do as he commands, and at all times, to be saved— from all sin.

You must seek God to find him.

You must repent to know him.

Have you ever prayed that prayer?


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