October 4, 2016

Do you really truly believe?

Are you petty?

Do you hold grudges?

Is anyone, and everyone welcome at your table?

Do you favor some people over others?

Do you gossip about how you've judged the behavior of others?

Do you hold the sins of others against them?

Do you find ways to avoid people?

When you really truly believe that hell is real, and when you really truly believe about it as Jesus taught, then you will find ways to be around people, and you will go into all your world, and no one will bug you, for you see them as a soul, who is either saved, or lost, and the lost are whom you will love with a passion, and the saved you will love even more if that is possible.

But you will not be petty ever, for hell waits for everyone, or heaven is their home, and you will want desperately to know that they know for sure where they will be going.

If you run into a petty person, or one who loses their temper, and who is seeking more of this world, then pray for them, and ask for the opportunity to love them, and share the good news.

The good news sets people free, and free indeed.

Not just a bit free here, and a bit free there, but totally, and without reservation free.

The mind of Christ resides in those who know God.

What they think looks like, and sounds like what Jesus said, and did.

What do your words sound like, and what do your actions portray?

If you truly believe, then the words of your mouth, and all of the meditation of your heart will be acceptable to God, and not just sometimes when you are on your game.

You will have nothing to do with being on game or not when controlled by Someone else.

You will be an instrument, or you will be calling the shots.

It really is one way, or the other.

You do really truly believe, or you do not.

Your words, and actions will tell on you.

What are those two things explaining to you?

Listen carefully, and be wise, and do not be deceived.

Hell is real.

Those who believe it, live like there will be no tomorrow.

Do you?

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