October 19, 2016

Do you hand out life?

You can know how to declutter, and tell others that they need to exercise, and drink more water.

You can have a clean house, and perfect nails, and money in the bank for your rainy days.

You can have your manners, and never steal, or lie, or cheat.

But do you pass on life?

Do you reach out your hands to the needy?

And do you live with joy flowing through you that just must be shared with another?

Is your husband a thorn in your side, or a loved human whom you serve?

For him do you lay down your life?

Do you stand back and judge how another spends their funds on the poor, or do you jump in and say, "Me too!" and love, and find someone on whom you can lavish warmth, and goodness.

There once was a woman who had a very, very, very expensive bottle of perfume.

She broke the bottle and anointed the head of Jesus with it.

I find it very, very, very interesting that Jesus did not rebuke her for having that very, very, very expensive bottle of perfume in the first place, but he did rebuke the disciple (Judas!) who complained about what she did with her perfume.

You can bless whomever you want, and whenever you want, with what you have is essentially what Jesus said of that situation.

Judas, who is described in the passage as only helping himself, was told by the Lord, "Leave her alone. That perfume was intended to be used on me at my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you won't always have me." (John 12:3-8)

Two cups of perfume.

TWO CUPS were poured out onto Jesus.

It was worth about a year's wages.

We spritz ourselves don't we?

We may fuss about a child getting into our perfume— our stuff.

On whom do you lavish love?

Or are you stingy?

And are you saving that bouquet of flowers for when someone dies?

Your neighbor is alive now....maybe hanging on death's door emotionally, and physically, and spiritually, and is perhaps very needy, and are you hanging onto your expensive perfume?

Do you hand out life sparingly or lavishly?

How big is your God?

How almighty is he?

Do you sing of him, and his greatness, occasionally, and on Sundays only to pass the ones in the "ditches" of life because you're saving your "perfume" for a better day, or if you should need it?

How you spend your money tells God what you think of others, and him.

You cannot give what you do not have.

If there is no love of God flowing through you, then it is not in you.

God's love cannot be conjured, manufactured, or ignited in you from anything but him.

A sweet story may move you to do a hand-out.

A sad story might do that as well.

But flowing love is only from God, and it cannot, and will not be dammed up because of what other do or don't do, as in a cooperative husband, or a child that favors you, or doesn't, for the love that God gives is of him, and it is unconditional, and shows no favors, and the ones who have it will live with open hands, and an open heart no matter conditions.

Do you hand out life, or parcel out tokens now and then to those you deem worthy?

A good tree bears good fruit, which means if you abide in the Vine, then you will support others in love, and with love, and remain firm in love no matter that the husband does this, or doesn't do that.

If that is not your story, then you are in sin.


It matters not that you don't smoke, or drink, or hang with those who do.

Many atheist do not smoke, or drink, and many of them eat very "healthy" diets, and regularly jog.

Jesus did not say that those who don't smoke, or drink will see heaven.

He did not say that regular exercise, and clean eating will gain you audience with God.

It is not what goes into you that defiles you is what he says.

And to continue in sin proves that you do not know God is what the Word says.

Repent, and hand out love, and a lifeline to God.

Or stay in your sin, and perish no matter that you think that you are good.

No one is good but God.

That is what Jesus says.

Belief in him is to do as he commands, and to live according to what he says.

Do you?

You can't until you repent.

Until then, someone is waiting for a lifeline.

Until then, you will hoard your "perfume" and judge others for how they use their "perfume" all the while, just like Judas, you will think that you are good, and are a follower of Jesus.

Until then, leave those alone who lavish others with love.

Don't judge them is what Jesus says, but listen, and learn, and know that, like that woman, you are a sinner, and fall at the feet of Jesus, and repent, and walk away forgiven, and healed, and free indeed.

The set free soul is not stingy.

Are you?

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