October 1, 2016

Do you agree with God?


to have the same views, emotions

 to harmonize in opinion or feelings

to live in concord without contention

to come to one opinion or mind

to conform.

When someone is talking and they say something that resonates with you, then like me, do you say,

"I agree."

In saying, "I agree," we are saying that we think the same thing, and do the same thing.

We are exact twins. We are the same. We are exactly like-minded, with no differing view.

What if you told me that you only eat green grapes because they are the best, and I say, "I agree. I only eat green grapes. I hate all other grapes," and then you see me eating red grapes.

What would you think?

Would you consider that I told you a whopper?

Would you maybe give me the benefit of the doubt, and think that perhaps I was really hungry, and could not control myself, and therefore I was eating the red grapes?

Or because I had clearly said that I only eat green grapes, then would confront me?

When we agree with God about sin, then what are we saying?

We are saying that we hate sin, just as God hates sin.

So what happens if we say we hate sin, and then do it?

What does God think about that?

Does he believe that we just couldn't help it?

Would he say, "No big deal. I understand. Everyone does what they hate."

Scripture says that there is a reason people sin.

It is not because they just forget how bad it is, and then just do it.

It is not because we can't help it.

We are told in John 3:19 that it is because of a love for it.

It is time to consider if you really agree with God about sin.

It is time to consider what sin is exactly.

Is it buying a blouse after saying you were not going to buy another because you have five already?

Is it drinking three cups of coffee, and you had made a pledge in your mind to drink only two?

Is it mowing your yard when the clothes needed to be washed?

What is sin?

If you don't know, or cannot quickly answer that question, then how can you agree with God about it?

There is no shame in not knowing, but there are consequences for doing it.

There is a price to pay for not agreeing with God concerning sin— no matter a prayer prayed.

Can your pastor succinctly explain sin so that a child, much less an adult, can understand it?

If not, then how is it that he baptizes anyone?

Who can understand sin?

What did Jesus say one must do to be perfect?

To be blameless, perfect, is to stop sinning.

Is that possible?

We read that Jesus told people, "Be perfect," in Scripture.

What did he mean by that?

Was he trying to frustrate them?

Is he telling us to be perfect too?

What was the point of Jesus?

Why was the Holy Spirit given?

Do you have the same mind as Christ?

Would someone with the same mind as Christ agree with God about sin, and if so, then would they do as commanded, and if not, why not?

If you tell God that you agree with him concerning sin (repent), and then you sin, are you a liar?

What is going on in your mind when it comes to others?

Do they irk you?

Is that the mind of Christ?

What happens when you are called to lay down your life, your time, your sleep, your free time?

Do you lay it down grudgingly, or with joy?

Are you like Jesus— really?

Or is it all in your talk, and not really in your mind, and heart?

Do you really agree with God about sin?



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