October 16, 2016

Demand vs. Command

Demand- to ask with proper authority, claim as a right

Command - to require authoritatively

Those two words are different, and have different meanings.

God never demands anything of us, for God does not ask.

God commands, because he requires.

He does not ask us what we think of what he tells us to do.

He does not say, "Love your neighbor, okay?"

He does not ask us how we feel about the orders he has given.

He does not say, "Since you are tired, do you feel like loving me with all of your heart today?"

He does not ask our opinion of what he has commanded.

He does not say, "What do you think about loving your husband who betrayed you?"

When you read the Word, if you read the Word, pay attention to the commands.

They are not suggestions.

You will be held accountable for what he has commanded.

God is the authority, and what he says to do, we must do, or we will pay the penalty for our neglect.

He commands love.

He tells us exactly what love is, and it must be done as he commands, or it isn't love that we do.

How is it that one can live a perfect life of love?

Only in repentance.

Only in not going about our day as we choose, and as we feel like going about it.

Only in not living according to moods, and how we feel physically, and mentally, and any other way.

We walk exactly as he commands, or we are on the wide highway.

When one repents, then one is filled with love, and is born new of God, and has his Spirit to do as he commands, and is able to do as commanded always, and it is not a life of "trying," for that is works.

Must you try to be good?

Does it take effort on your part?

If so, how then is your life not one of works, or your energy to accomplish what he commands?

If there is one question that I would pose to everyone I know, and meet, who claims to be a Christian, it would be the following: "Do you have to try to be good?"

Do you?

Do you have to try to be good?


That is the way of love.

It always behaves a certain way, and if you do not always behave that certain way, then it is not love.

If it is not love that you portray, then it is hate, and hate is darkness.

The only way out of darkness is repentance, and Jesus commands it, and God commands love.

Repent, and then you'll love— always.


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