October 30, 2016


What is it you do when you think no one is looking?

Alone with your thoughts, what are you thinking, and what are you doing?

What if what you think was displayed in a bubble above your head for all to read?

What do you plot to do with your time?

Does it consist of how to be served, and get out of serving others?

Does your mind float around on a cloud of ease?

Where, and when can I rest?

Or is your life a living sacrifice?

Or do you jump on and off the altar, and on and off the Vine, as if that were possible?

The truly saved are truly free of sin, for that is the essence of salvation.

If you would claim salvation, then from what have you been saved?

Temptations to sin pass through the mind of the saved, but the temptation is just that— a temptation.

The saved never act on the temptation.


God DOES NOT ALLOW the temptation to be too strong (I Corinthians 10:13).

The redeemed walk away from the thought, leaving it alone, choosing instead to love.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too (Luke 10:27).

That's the command, after all, to which they submit.


They don't have to try to be good.

They are righteous.


Through Jesus Christ.



The character of the redeemed is impeccable.

They are not like the world.


They are new.


Upon repentance.

They are not moody....like the world.

They are not demanding...like the wold.

They do not seek more....like the world.

They do not hoard their possessions....like the world.

They do not dwell on power....like the world.

They are meek...unlike the world.

They are peacemakers...unlike the world.

They do not rejoice in evil...like the world.

They are persecuted when they do good...unlike the world.

They are pure in heart...unlike the world.

What is your character?

Is it new?

Is it the righteousness of Christ?

Like Christ, do you live guilt-free?

Do you walk with a heart full of love, or one that continues to try to be good, failing all the time?

You must be born-again to know God, and see him, and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Have you been born new?

Your character will inform you.

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