October 31, 2016

How do we love anyone?

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us." (I John 4:18-19)

If you still have fear, of any sort, and at any time, then you have not been made perfect in love.

The redeemed, who have repented of sin, have been made perfect in love.

They live fear-free.

They are free, and free indeed.

That is joy unspeakable, and peace that passes understanding, and love without bounds.

Their souls are perfect. Perfection does not sin. Love fills the truly redeemed (Romans 5:5).

We have the words of Scripture that we might know if we have been made perfect (I John 5:13).

We study Scripture to see if we have truly been born new.

That is the reason for study.

Study to prove yourself, we are told, and do you? (II Timothy 2:15)

Look at what the Word says is true about the redeemed, and check, or examine, yourself.

Paul says that he gave the church NO reason to believe that he stumbled (II Corinthians 6:3).

He also said to follow his example, as he followed the example of Christ. (I Corinthians 11:1)

Are you able to say that to anyone, and everyone, as did Paul?

"Follow my example! This is the way to live, and love for Christ. Watch me."

That is the standard.

Can you say that?

Do you think that you grow into that ability?

If so, are you saying that you grow into perfection?

Do you sin along the way?

Must you try harder?

If so, then is perfection something you must accomplish?

Does God ask for your help?

What happens in your life?



Lack of love?



Some will say, "You just have to mature. Sin happens. Don't worry about it."

Those people lie. Sin does not just happen. Sin happens because of a love for it (John 3:19).

And one does not sin on their way to perfection.

Don't be deceived (James 1:16-27).

You've been warned.

Don not believe a lie. 

What is the one thing in which we could be deceived that really matters now, and in the end?


Once saved, and washed of sin as far as east is from the west, then one is whole.

Lacking nothing.

Or one is incomplete. One will lack if one has not repented, and been made new.

One cannot grow in love as they sin along the way.

On the narrow road, one walks with a single heart, undivided, and loving all.

On the wide road, one walks, "loving" sometimes, and then having meltdowns, or in other words, demanding their own way, and demanding to be served, and sinning first one way, and then another.

The passage at the beginning of this blog tells us that one cannot love at all until they have been loved by God, and to be loved by God is to have been washed by him, and filled by him.

Any other type of "love" is fickle.

Even Hitler 'loved" at times.

Even Hitler was patient at times.

And kind at times.

And maybe even served a cup of coffee to Eva Braun, or brought her a flower on occasion.

What is love?

It always behaves one way.

If the behavior that you exhibit is different than what you find in I Corinthians 13, you don't love.

Behavior, to be love, consists of kind actions— always.

One must be born new for that to happen.

How do we love anyone?

Only by first repenting.

Repentance is a one time event.

Or would you say that you agree with God about sin, and then you don't?

To repent is to agree with God about sin.

Then one is washed, and born new, and then one lives as a sacrifice daily.

Does that sound too hard?

If so, then you do not know God, for the Word says that his yoke is easy, and his burden light.

That is a fact to those who have the Spirit living in them, and doing through them, what God has commanded, and what has he commanded, and what MUST be done to see heaven?

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too (Matthew 22:37).

Do it.

You must. (But first you must be born new.)

If you opt not to do those two things, then you do not know God, nor love him.

Do you believe that?

You will when you repent.

Till then, sin blinds you. You walk in rebellion. You do not know God.

Till then you cannot believe it for sin resides in your heart, and a heart divided will not stand. 

You will continue to fall, in sin, until you finally repent of hate.

No one who knows God continues to sin (I John 3:6).

To know God is to love him, and to love God is to obey him. (I John 5:3)

Do you?

October 30, 2016


What is it you do when you think no one is looking?

Alone with your thoughts, what are you thinking, and what are you doing?

What if what you think was displayed in a bubble above your head for all to read?

What do you plot to do with your time?

Does it consist of how to be served, and get out of serving others?

Does your mind float around on a cloud of ease?

Where, and when can I rest?

Or is your life a living sacrifice?

Or do you jump on and off the altar, and on and off the Vine, as if that were possible?

The truly saved are truly free of sin, for that is the essence of salvation.

If you would claim salvation, then from what have you been saved?

Temptations to sin pass through the mind of the saved, but the temptation is just that— a temptation.

The saved never act on the temptation.


God DOES NOT ALLOW the temptation to be too strong (I Corinthians 10:13).

The redeemed walk away from the thought, leaving it alone, choosing instead to love.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too (Luke 10:27).

That's the command, after all, to which they submit.


They don't have to try to be good.

They are righteous.


Through Jesus Christ.



The character of the redeemed is impeccable.

They are not like the world.


They are new.


Upon repentance.

They are not moody....like the world.

They are not demanding...like the wold.

They do not seek more....like the world.

They do not hoard their possessions....like the world.

They do not dwell on power....like the world.

They are meek...unlike the world.

They are peacemakers...unlike the world.

They do not rejoice in evil...like the world.

They are persecuted when they do good...unlike the world.

They are pure in heart...unlike the world.

What is your character?

Is it new?

Is it the righteousness of Christ?

Like Christ, do you live guilt-free?

Do you walk with a heart full of love, or one that continues to try to be good, failing all the time?

You must be born-again to know God, and see him, and enter the kingdom of heaven.

Have you been born new?

Your character will inform you.

October 28, 2016

Sometimes or always?

Do you expect your husband to always love you, or just sometimes?

What does "sometimes" look like to you?

What if it means something different to me?

Sometimes, by definition, means on occasion, or now, and then.

Is that the type love you want from a husband?

Is that the type love that you give as a wife?

What type do you believe God commands from his child?

What do you think God has done to make a provision for his child to always love?

What is the Holy Spirit's role in the life of a true believer?


Is it comfortable knowing that you will sin, and thus betray the Lord in doing so?

What the Lord commands, he also provides— always.

To the repentant, grace is applied in full measure.

To the repentant, sin is anathema.

To the repentant, love is flowing, and in it, she will rest, and give, and give again.

God's love is inside the repentant. His love is constant. It is not a sometimes love.

It is not love that is patient on occasion.

It is love that will not be of your doing at all, but of him.

II Peter 1:3-11 tells us that the divine nature is inside the repentant.

The divine nature is always loving.

It tells us that "if these qualities are in you," then you are effective and fruitful.

Is love "in" you?

The opposite is true as well.

Peter is saying, "Check yourself. Do you see the fruit of love coming out of you? If not, then the divine nature is NOT in you."

The words of Scripture are written that you might KNOW if you are truly born new.

Maybe you aren't.

It is not enough to say that you love the Lord.

He tells us that many say that they love him, and yet, their hearts are far from him.



The fruit of love, at all times, not sometimes, and on occasion now and then, is in you.

Or do you think that you get to choose when you will love?

What type master do you serve?

Is it one that allows you to do as you please, when you please, and be an occasional servant?

That happens on the wide road.  That happens as you continue in your sin. Do you sin?

If to, then you are an occasional lover of the Lord, or do you think that you love him when you sin?

You don't.

His word says differently.

Do you believe it, or are you floating by on a cloud of wishful thinking, and in a cloud of confusion?

You are if you think that love is a sometimes deal.

Not with God.

He commands it.

Not only when you have had "enough" sleep, and your tummy is not hungry, but always.

We think that we suffer when we have a hangnail.

Let's talk shipwreck.

And beatings.

And nakedness, and true hunger, and homelessness, and what else did Paul suffer for the gospel?

In it ALL he caused no one to stumble by his behavior.

He had been born new.

It was obvious.

Is it with you?

Is love on display always?

Or do you still have the old nature?

 It is one or the other, not both. The redeemed do not love, and then hate. Lie, and then speak truth.

Drop the facade.

Admit your hate.

Or continue in it, and your heart will get harder, and you will not know God.

Neither will you see him.

Or repent, and be washed, and set free, and according to Jesus, free indeed, to love, and only love.

Or do you just not want to do that?

October 27, 2016

You won't believe until you repent first

Mark 1:15, "....repent, and believe in the gospel."

If you still sin, hate your neighbor, and love God less than anything else, then you don't believe.

To believe in the gospel is to do exactly as it tells you to do.

Do you?

Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

Do you love God with all your heart, soul, and strength?

Do you?

You can answer, "Yes," only if you have repented.

To repent is to agree with God about your sin.

To agree with God about sin is to believe the same way about it as he does.

How does God think about sin?

Do you know?

If you do know, do you comply?


With God, compliance is not "yes" one day, and "no" the next.

With God, compliance is not "I have a headache, and I'm tired, so my grouchiness, unkind ways, and moodiness, and anything I do when it is that time of the month, all of that is justified."

With God, all things are possible, and the one, who is really with God, complies regardless of any extenuating circumstance, because he does the loving through them, and his yoke is easy.

Loving, for those with God, is easy.

Or would you say that you can go ahead and sin because of any reason?

Or would you say that life is hard?

Or would you find reasons to not obey, even though the Word says that his yoke is easy?

When you truly repent, then you can truly believe.

Till then, you don't, can't, and won't honestly believe the Word.

Those who believe, obey.

Those who believe it love God, and those who love God do as he commands (John 14:15, I John 5:3).

But you can go ahead and proclaim that you love God, and that you believe the Word.

And talk is cheap.

Listen to a two-year-old say that they love you, and then openly defy you.

It's the same as a twenty-five-year-old who expresses love for God, and then tells a lie, worships money, manipulates a husband, refuses to discipline her children, pouts, thinks about sex with other men, has sex with other men, holds tight to her money and ignores a beggar, the neighbor, and anyone else because she serves herself first, and foremost, and she condones her behavior because after all she has put herself on a pedestal, forgetting that those who lay down their lives, find life.

What is the deception that we are warned to guard against when it comes to Christianity?

Do you know?

Do you care?

You won't seek out an understanding, and you can't understand the Word, and you will not love it, until you repent first. The order is important. God's word is "Repent, and believe."

We don't believe, and then repent.

Or will you defy him, and believe it as you wish?

That is rebellion.

Rebellion is to walk contrary to God's design.

It is sin.

Anyone, who sins, has the wrath of God on them.


Workers of iniquity will not see heaven.

October 26, 2016

What is rebellion?

Rebellion is open resistance to authority.

Is your child rebellious?

Let me take this opportunity to answer for you on that one.

With no doubt your child is rebellious, and has rebellion rooted in their soul.

I don't care how cute they are when they pick flowers for you, get dressed up in fairy outfits, and share cookies without asking, and say to a perfect stranger that they love them.

Scripture says otherwise.

You can deny it to your peril.

You can laugh it off, and think that it is cute when your little sugar cube, with a smile on their face, and maybe a laugh emitting from their little body, runs the other way when you say, "Come here."

When you say, "Sit still," do they?

When you make a statement to your child, then it is the same as a command.

If not, then you are giving suggestions.

If you tell them to do something, and then you complete that command with, "Okay?" then you are giving them the opportunity to decide differently about what you have just told them to do.

Why not just never give them commands?

Or do you know better about life?

Or do you believe that it is important for them to learn to submit?

When is it time for little sugar cube to learn to submit?

How often can little sugar cube thumb their nose at you before something happens?

Do you live on offense or defense with your child?

Do you know the difference?

Are you always trying to stop the little one from doing something?

That is defense.

To live on offense is to make the decisions on how you will live, and then little one follows, or else.

Example: "We are going to take a walk. Come."

Then you proceed to walk. What happens if little one doesn't want to walk, when clearly they can?

Do you coddle, and not make them walk when clearly they can?

Do you change your plans?

Or do you walk, and see to it that little one walks too?

Who calls the shots in your home?

What are you fostering in your child?

Compliance to the will of another who loves them, or the thought that they can do as they wish?

Followers of Jesus do not do as they wish.

They obey his every command, or they walk in rebellion.

When one does not follow every command, and lives in rebellion, the wrath of God is on them.

Do not think that you can say that you are a Christian, and then do as you wish, and obey sometimes, and that God sees you as his own, for he does not, and his wrath is on you.

Yes. You might still draw your next breath, and then again you might not.

He is merciful after all.

But the end comes for all.

Those who spend energy on iniquity will not see heaven.

Turn, and obey, or walk the wide road to your peril.

You have the opportunity to develop in your child an obedient one, or a rebellious one.

Going to church does not make them submissive, especially when they are allowed to do as they please even when there. When they do not have to sit still, nor be quiet, what have you gained?

Does your child always talk when they want, and not have to sit if they don't want?

Do you command them, or do they have the rule of your home?

Do you see rebellion?

It looks like the following:

"Come here." And then they don't.

You hold them to give a hug, and they push away.

While sitting on your lap, they decide to get down, and struggle against you.

Is it their choice on everything? Clothes? Food? Bedtime? Where they sleep? When they sleep?

Do you control them, or is it only the government as you comply with car-seat laws?

Our prisons are full.

Prison bars restrict behavior.

So will, and does the rod.

Use it, Scripture commands, and save their soul from hell (Proverbs 23:13-15).

Discipline your child.

If you don't, then you hate them (Proverbs 13:24), and so will everyone else.

Proverbs 22:15 tells us that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child.

What sets them free from foolishness? The rod. Thumb your nose at God's instruction to your peril.

Continue to think that spanking is abuse, and that you hate to hear them cry, and so you ineffectively, and inconsistently use the rod, and the child is confused, but learns to manipulate you really early.

Better to hear them cry now, than to see them go to hell forever.

If you will not do as Scripture commands, then you live in rebellion as well, and foolishness will follow you both.

Or obey, and repent, and live free.

Use the rod on your child and set them free from the foolishness in their heart.

"Sit" should mean sit, and then they don't get up until you say so.

Your command is either obeyed, or the child is telling you what you can do with your thoughts.

What are you telling God about his ways?

Do you say "yes" to them, or do you say, "Let me think about it."

Do you not have the energy to command your child, but you have the energy to spend hours on Facebook, Instagram, and reading your magazines, and shopping, and going to Bible study?

If the priorities of your life consist of date-nights, Bible study groups, and your job, you're losing.

Do you feel that you just have to get out of the house?


Is it that bad?

Does little sugar cube about drive you nuts?

Obedient children don't drive anyone nuts.

You will lose your child to a rebellious life full of sin, and wandering if you are not in command.

Spend energy raising your child, or don't, and prove that you hate them. 

To your peril you wait to do as God commands.

Your child should know that, to their peril, they wait when they are not instantly obedient to you.

What are you teaching them?

Are you a wise mother, or a foolish one?

Righteousness (goodness) follows the obedient.

Repent of your sin.

Command your child, and peaceful fruit will rule your home.

It's your choice.

October 25, 2016

Are you just like a little child?

Jesus said, "Unless you change and become as a little child, you will never enter heaven," Matt. 18:3.

This had to be a reference to a child who is innocent to sin.

It cannot mean that we are to become as little children who pitch fits, scream, and are disobedient.

The world, and women of the world, behave like that.

But become like a little child, a babe, who is innocent to evil, and lying, and stealing, and slander.

Are you innocent to sin?


Are you free from moral wrong?


That is what Jesus is telling us.

If you change, then you'll see heaven.

Change- to make the content of your nature completely different.

How is that done?

Jesus says that it happens before heaven.

You can't get to heaven unless you are changed.

You cannot continue to hate, have bitterness, be lazy, selfish, angry, and impatient.

Little children, who have never lied, stolen, or held a grudge, are completely innocent.

But then they do exhibit those traits. Yes. Eventually.

But until then, they are the ones we must be just exactly the same as if we desire to not go to hell.

Who changes you?

Do you have anything to do with it at all?

Or is it all of God?

Is it automatic, or does one grow into innocence?

Does a child grow into purity?


Just the opposite.

How does "a complete change of nature" occur?

Do you know?

You must know, and it must happen if you would see God.

It is time to seek the Lord.

Jesus says that you must be born new.

The first word he spoke at the start of his ministry is what everyone must do to see heaven.


October 24, 2016

The new message

Before Christ, we were not told, "You must be born-again."


Why must we be born-again now?

Jesus used the word "must" when explaining the gospel message found in John 3:3.

Jesus says that in order to see the kingdom of heaven, then we are required to be born new.

If you want to be a doctor, then what must you do?

What is required?

Specific instructions have been put in place for one to meet the qualifications to be a doctor.

But can one pretend to be a doctor?

Sure. We've heard of those instances. People can fool, and be fooled.

You can say that you are one, and yet not be one.

You can do the things that doctors do, and people can call you "doctor, yet you still will not be one.

You can hang a shingle, and set up a practice, but not have met the requirements.

You can practice deceit, and do it so long, that even you can convince yourself that you are a doctor.

Jesus says that we are required to be born completely new in order to see the kingdom of heaven.

Once a new birth occurs, then all things, including behavior concerning sin, is different.

Before being born new, we sin.

What about after?

If you say that you are a Christian, then after being born new, what is your behavior toward sin?

Do you try to be good?

Or is it automatic?

Do your manners get better?

Do you not sin only after reading your Bible, and only after continuous chorus singing?

Do you not sin only if you pray without ceasing?

What is the relationship toward sin that is different after one is born new?

Do you know?

What is the gospel message?

How is it different than the old message?

What is different about it?

October 23, 2016


A supposed Christian, who can still sin, is in the same boat as someone who would say that they don't believe in God, or anything that Jesus espoused— right?

Is sin evil in a Christian?

If so, then a Christian can be evil, right?

Or is it that they just do evil, but they can't be evil?

Are you evil when you lie, and covet, and slander, or do you just slip up, and do a boo-boo?

Do you consider that neighbor, who is not kind, to be evil, but when you are impatient with the child, the husband, then it is just that you are in a hurry, and they are slow, and that chatty check-out girl, who you inwardly disdain, well, if she would just do her job, and then all would be well— right?

Your lack of patience is warranted— right?

Is your sin justified in your heart because you walked an aisle, and were baptized?

Are you right with God because you pray, and go to church, and try hard not to think bad thoughts?

What did Jesus say about sin?

Why did Jesus say that people, all people, sin?

Did he say that it is different in one soul, than another?

Why did Jesus die?

If sin was atoned for before Jesus died, then why did he die?

What is the difference before and after the resurrection?

Do you study the Word?

Are your prayers heard, and if you think that they are, then how do you know?

Which particular Scripture informs you that your prayers are heard?

Can a lost person pray, and God hears them?

Does sin enter the picture at all in regard to being heard by God?

If so, how?

What could you tell a lost soul about sin?

What is sin?

Do you care to know, and study, or are you complacent in your walk with God?

Do you even know him?

Can you sin, and know God, and say that you love him?

October 21, 2016

It's not funny

"Jesus is coming soon, and hopefully before the next election."

The words were on a sign, outside of a church, you know, the signs churches use for information.

It's not funny.

Making light of a significant event, with grave consequences, is beneath the truly redeemed.

People will go to hell for eternity, and only those, who really don't believe it, would make light of it.

The hope that the truly redeemed have is solely, exclusively, and decidedly, in Christ.

In him, they rest, regardless of a contentious looming election.

Regardless of a difficult marriage.

Or a life of wealth, poverty, sickness, or health.

Nothing sways the one who is like a tree planted by the streams of a river.

They flourish no matter what.

And to them, the gospel message is not funny, and in it, they are steeped.

Let elections come, and go, for they will go on loving, with a redeemed, and new sense of humor.

They will know what is funny, and what is not.

They will have mercy on all, and show grace to all, and when the gospel is misrepresented by the supposed leaders of the faith, then they will pray fervently for those lost souls.

Not every one who says, "Lord, Lord," is saved.

Jesus said that many are the false prophets, and preachers, and pastors of today.

How will you know them?

By their love for people, never for things, for they will live circumspect lives, and they will be the ones stopping to help those in the ditches, and stooping to love on children, and they are the givers.

Never the takers.

They will be the example for, and to, the churches they serve.

They will be above reproach (blame, fault, censure).

They will not banter in a silly way about any part of the gospel.

Jesus was tortured for us, and died for us, and Paul was ship-wrecked, and suffered beatings for the gospel, and today, we see pastors who tell jokes, and live like the world, with much of its wealth.

They suffer no persecution, and would most likely sue anyone who simply slandered, or libeled them. Most will not stand to even be questioned. They see their members as belonging to them. They are proud of their numbers, and the "campus sites" that they build. Suffering is anathema to them.

They have no fire, or passion for the gospel, nor do they preach repentance.

Nor do they tell their parishioners that the saved, not only should expect persecution, but will indeed have it in their lives, and that they will rejoice in it, for it is a pleasure to share in a small way the sufferings of their Lord (I Peter 4:13). 

They do not know suffering, or repentance.

They dwell in easy chairs, and the comforts of this world, and they still sin.

They are not above reproach.

It's not funny what is happening in churches, and the price will be devastation, and all it seems most members want is to laugh; just make me laugh, and in that condition, many will go to hell.

And it won't be funny.

Beware of the false teachers is what Jesus warned.

Watch out for the false ones.

Do you watch out for them?

Is your pastor a false one?

Have you studied the words that your pastors speaks?

Is he telling you to repent, and to turn, once and for all, from you sin?

Has he told you that the redeemed do not continue to sin (I John 3:9)?

Or does he say that everyone still sins?

Then so does he, and do you wonder what it is that he is doing that counts as sin?

Or is he exempt somehow?

If he says that you can still sin, then he still sins.

Is it adultery? Stealing? Lying? Envy? Immorality of any sort?

Does he not love God with all his heart, nor his neighbor at all?

It could be any of those sins, for sin is sin.

It's not funny.

But laugh if you choose, or choose to repent of your sin, and walk with a sober heart (I Peter 1:13).

Which way will you choose?

When you have chosen to repent, then you will be washed, never to be the same again.

All things will become new.

The gospel will be sweeter than anything to you.

Darkness will turn to light.

You will no longer wander.

Till then, you do wander, and you will not be free from hate, and bitterness, envy, fear, and slander.

You will enjoy your ears being tickled, and your fashion, and wealth, and funny jokes on Sunday.

But it's not funny what waits for those who choose unwisely.

Do you believe in hell?

If you do, then your life will demonstrate it.

What do you demonstrate to your world?

October 20, 2016

Nothing more horrifying

I imagine that you can think of things that would be horrible if they occurred.

The loss of .... name something.

Name what it is that, if lost, would horrify you?

What comes to my mind are those who will stand before Jesus, and think that they are saved.

I think that the most horrifying thing would be to think that I was good to go to heaven, and then to hear Jesus say, "Depart from me for I never knew you."

That person would have lived a life here on earth thinking that they were good to go, but weren't.

They would have lived a life thinking that they knew Jesus, but didn't.

They would have lived a life thinking they were fruitful, but weren't.

So what constitutes a life of goodness, and knowing Jesus, and fruitfulness?

Is it praying?

Is it doing mighty works for Jesus?

Is it prophesying, or preaching for Jesus?

Is it casting out demons?

Is it building a ministry?

Those things sound holy, and good, and righteous— right?

Each of those things, we find mentioned in Matthew 7:21-22.

And, according to Jesus, those things do not make a soul holy, and acceptable to God.

What do you do that makes you think that you are holy, and acceptable before God?

What about smoking, and drinking, and saying "bad" words?

Have you given up those things, and do you now have a Bible study, or go to Bible study, and you pray every day, and give money to the church to help build ministries, and you sing praise songs?

Do you think that your church attendance is a good thing?

Scripture tells us only God is good.

It says that any of our supposed "goodness" is as filthy rags compared to God.

He is the standard, and we must be perfect to see him, and have fellowship with him.

Are you perfect?

What part of you is perfect?

Are you perfect always?

Jesus says that if you spend energy on sin, then you will not see heaven.

Do you sin?

No matter the good that you do, you will be told to depart from Jesus, according to Jesus.

Why do we flinch from the word perfection?

Is it for fear of what others would, or will, think?

It got Jesus killed.

Are you perfect?

What happens upon a soul being washed?

What happened to you?


Did all things become NEW?

Have they become new?

If not, when will they become new?

According to Jesus, it must happen before you stand before him.

Does it happen on your flight to heaven?

If so, where do you find that in Scripture?

On what do you base your thoughts?

The latest out of the "Christian" publishing houses?

Or what the latest "Christian" cult-like speaker is saying?

When you read of them, and hear them speak, do they tell you to repent of your sins?

That you cannot continue to sin and know God?

And do they tell you that time is short, and that you must love God with all your heart?

And your neighbor too?

Or do you just leave them "feeling" good about yourself?

Wake up, and read the Word, and study to prove yourself before God.

Stand your ground, or walk on the wide road, and wander.

Don't rely on the myriad of false teachers, who Jesus said would abound in the last days.

Or you will think you are good.

You will stand before Jesus, and you don't want to be horrified.

Knowing God now is heaven on earth.

Does that describe your life?

Or do you still live in fear, and lust, and hate?

Spending energy on those things is sin, and those who sin are "workers of iniquity."

Those are the very ones to whom Jesus will speak words which will horrify them.

Jesus tells those who spend energy on sin to depart from him (Matthew 7:23).

Do you spend any energy at all on sin?

Do you think that a "little" sin is okay with God?

What will Jesus say to you?

October 19, 2016

Do you hand out life?

You can know how to declutter, and tell others that they need to exercise, and drink more water.

You can have a clean house, and perfect nails, and money in the bank for your rainy days.

You can have your manners, and never steal, or lie, or cheat.

But do you pass on life?

Do you reach out your hands to the needy?

And do you live with joy flowing through you that just must be shared with another?

Is your husband a thorn in your side, or a loved human whom you serve?

For him do you lay down your life?

Do you stand back and judge how another spends their funds on the poor, or do you jump in and say, "Me too!" and love, and find someone on whom you can lavish warmth, and goodness.

There once was a woman who had a very, very, very expensive bottle of perfume.

She broke the bottle and anointed the head of Jesus with it.

I find it very, very, very interesting that Jesus did not rebuke her for having that very, very, very expensive bottle of perfume in the first place, but he did rebuke the disciple (Judas!) who complained about what she did with her perfume.

You can bless whomever you want, and whenever you want, with what you have is essentially what Jesus said of that situation.

Judas, who is described in the passage as only helping himself, was told by the Lord, "Leave her alone. That perfume was intended to be used on me at my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you won't always have me." (John 12:3-8)

Two cups of perfume.

TWO CUPS were poured out onto Jesus.

It was worth about a year's wages.

We spritz ourselves don't we?

We may fuss about a child getting into our perfume— our stuff.

On whom do you lavish love?

Or are you stingy?

And are you saving that bouquet of flowers for when someone dies?

Your neighbor is alive now....maybe hanging on death's door emotionally, and physically, and spiritually, and is perhaps very needy, and are you hanging onto your expensive perfume?

Do you hand out life sparingly or lavishly?

How big is your God?

How almighty is he?

Do you sing of him, and his greatness, occasionally, and on Sundays only to pass the ones in the "ditches" of life because you're saving your "perfume" for a better day, or if you should need it?

How you spend your money tells God what you think of others, and him.

You cannot give what you do not have.

If there is no love of God flowing through you, then it is not in you.

God's love cannot be conjured, manufactured, or ignited in you from anything but him.

A sweet story may move you to do a hand-out.

A sad story might do that as well.

But flowing love is only from God, and it cannot, and will not be dammed up because of what other do or don't do, as in a cooperative husband, or a child that favors you, or doesn't, for the love that God gives is of him, and it is unconditional, and shows no favors, and the ones who have it will live with open hands, and an open heart no matter conditions.

Do you hand out life, or parcel out tokens now and then to those you deem worthy?

A good tree bears good fruit, which means if you abide in the Vine, then you will support others in love, and with love, and remain firm in love no matter that the husband does this, or doesn't do that.

If that is not your story, then you are in sin.


It matters not that you don't smoke, or drink, or hang with those who do.

Many atheist do not smoke, or drink, and many of them eat very "healthy" diets, and regularly jog.

Jesus did not say that those who don't smoke, or drink will see heaven.

He did not say that regular exercise, and clean eating will gain you audience with God.

It is not what goes into you that defiles you is what he says.

And to continue in sin proves that you do not know God is what the Word says.

Repent, and hand out love, and a lifeline to God.

Or stay in your sin, and perish no matter that you think that you are good.

No one is good but God.

That is what Jesus says.

Belief in him is to do as he commands, and to live according to what he says.

Do you?

You can't until you repent.

Until then, someone is waiting for a lifeline.

Until then, you will hoard your "perfume" and judge others for how they use their "perfume" all the while, just like Judas, you will think that you are good, and are a follower of Jesus.

Until then, leave those alone who lavish others with love.

Don't judge them is what Jesus says, but listen, and learn, and know that, like that woman, you are a sinner, and fall at the feet of Jesus, and repent, and walk away forgiven, and healed, and free indeed.

The set free soul is not stingy.

Are you?

October 17, 2016

Leonard Sweet, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and many more

Jesus warned that many false teachers would arise in the last days.

We are told to watch out for them. (Matt. 7:15)

Do you?

Have you?

Would you know a false one?

The way to know a false one is to know the truth.

I will not take the time to study Leonard Sweet, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and many others.

If the message that you hear anyone proclaim does not inform you to repent, and follow Jesus, run.

The message of the gospel of Jesus started with the first word out of the mouth of Jesus when he began his ministry. Do you know what that word was, and is? Repent.

What is the next words out of his mouth?

The kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17), or time is short.

The truly redeemed rejoice at those words, and can hardly wait to see their Savior.

The lost recoil a bit at the thought, and hope it isn't true.

It is. Jesus said so. Those who truly believe in him, believe his words, and live accordingly.

If anyone comes to you talking about getting stuff, and you walk away from their teaching wanting "more," then run. There is no more after one repents, and meets God. What more could there be?

In your heart, do you want more?

So many teach "more" as if being free indeed from sin, and knowing God is NOT enough.

It is, and the gospel message is simple.

I don't need to know Greek words for English ones, and I don't need to be entertained, and I don't need an out of body experience, or a deeper walk, or a closer walk, I just am told to walk.

I am told to abide.

I am commanded to love.

You can have your experiences that defy all others that leave you wanting more of them.

I am free.

Are you?

Follow your latest guru, and experiment with yoga, and contemplative meditation if you choose.

God says that those are an abomination (Deuteronomy 13).

Or do you think that he has said to dip into Eastern religions, and somehow sanctify them?

He has not.

Beware of false teachings, and false teachers, for they will come to you in sheep's clothing.

They will look good, and sound good, but their message is evil.

Believe in the Lord, and you shall be saved.

If you endure to the end, then you will be saved.

Follow Jesus, or wander, and remain wanting.

Repent, and live not for this world on any level.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

What are you succumbing to in regard to teachings by anyone?

Are you listening closely?

Or are you asleep?

Wake up, for the time is short, and the end is near.

Jesus said so, as did Paul (Romans 13:11).

Is that the message that you hear from the ones who preach to you?

Do they tell you to repent, and to not live for this world, or do you suspect that they like stuff?

Do they live any differently than what you see all around you?

Have they told you that your salvation is proven in your love for your neighbor?

Or do they leave you feeling pretty good about yourself, and do they make you laugh?

Is theirs a cushy message?

Does it in any way leave you thinking YOU must, and can, do something to improve yourself?

You can't. That will never happen. A soul is born of God, and made new by him, or they are lost.

Be aware. Listen. Parse their words.

Or follow them on the wide road where they lead many to hell with them.

Jesus said so. (Matthew 15:14)

October 16, 2016

Demand vs. Command

Demand- to ask with proper authority, claim as a right

Command - to require authoritatively

Those two words are different, and have different meanings.

God never demands anything of us, for God does not ask.

God commands, because he requires.

He does not ask us what we think of what he tells us to do.

He does not say, "Love your neighbor, okay?"

He does not ask us how we feel about the orders he has given.

He does not say, "Since you are tired, do you feel like loving me with all of your heart today?"

He does not ask our opinion of what he has commanded.

He does not say, "What do you think about loving your husband who betrayed you?"

When you read the Word, if you read the Word, pay attention to the commands.

They are not suggestions.

You will be held accountable for what he has commanded.

God is the authority, and what he says to do, we must do, or we will pay the penalty for our neglect.

He commands love.

He tells us exactly what love is, and it must be done as he commands, or it isn't love that we do.

How is it that one can live a perfect life of love?

Only in repentance.

Only in not going about our day as we choose, and as we feel like going about it.

Only in not living according to moods, and how we feel physically, and mentally, and any other way.

We walk exactly as he commands, or we are on the wide highway.

When one repents, then one is filled with love, and is born new of God, and has his Spirit to do as he commands, and is able to do as commanded always, and it is not a life of "trying," for that is works.

Must you try to be good?

Does it take effort on your part?

If so, how then is your life not one of works, or your energy to accomplish what he commands?

If there is one question that I would pose to everyone I know, and meet, who claims to be a Christian, it would be the following: "Do you have to try to be good?"

Do you?

Do you have to try to be good?


That is the way of love.

It always behaves a certain way, and if you do not always behave that certain way, then it is not love.

If it is not love that you portray, then it is hate, and hate is darkness.

The only way out of darkness is repentance, and Jesus commands it, and God commands love.

Repent, and then you'll love— always.


Have you prayed that prayer?

Psalm 39:8a, "Deliver me from all my transgressions."


Another definitive word. 

It means "the whole of."

Have you ever asked to be free from every last bit of your sin?

If not, why not?

Would Jesus, who sets men free, and free indeed, not answer that one prayer?

Would Jesus, whose mission was to point to the Father, not provide the way to him?

The only way is through perfection.

The way to perfection is through repentance, and being washed in grace, and filled with love.

Sin always displays an imperfect soul.

And when Jesus sets a soul free, then they are free indeed.

From all transgressions.

If you are not free from all transgressions, then you are not free indeed.

You do not have the Father's ear.

The Word says that you can pray, but he will not hear you, does not hear you, if you sin.

You can still hear him.

But he won't hear you.

The very first word out of the mouth of Jesus as he started his ministry was repent..

First things first.

Have you done that?

Did you ever repent?

Did you ever agree with God about the sin that you do?

If you were to pray, "Deliver me from all my transgressions," then would Jesus deliver you from some, and only the ones that weren't too hard for him, and only the ones that didn't need you to seek counseling first (from someone who most likely still says that they sin)?

How can a sinner set you free?

Follow Jesus. Pray that prayer from Psalm 39:8, or would you rather hang onto a few sins?

If followed, then he always takes one to the Father, and in the process he sets free— from all sin.

You must follow Jesus, and do as he commands, and at all times, to be saved— from all sin.

You must seek God to find him.

You must repent to know him.

Have you ever prayed that prayer?


October 15, 2016

What does a friend do?

I have been accused of being too black and white when it comes to Scripture.

I take it too the extreme.

I leave no wiggle room.

Tell that to the Author.

I just quote him.

What do you do with definitive words when you come to them in the Word?

"A friend loves at all times," Proverbs 17:17.

In order to call myself a friend, then according to those words, "at all times" I love.

And what is love?

It is patient, kind, gentle, faithful, and long-suffering.

The word is means equals.

If I say that I love you, and then I am not kind, gentle, patient, faithful, and long-suffering with you, then I really don't love you.

Love bears all things.

Not a few things like hanging with a man when he leaves his dirty clothes where he drops them.

Not just then, but also when he betrays, strays, and seems insensitive to needs.

Love simply bears those things.

What does it mean to "bear" the issues that a wife may face with her man?

She carries the dirty clothes to where she wants them, and she remains firm in her gentleness as she experiences the insensitivity he might have, and supports him, and holds him up in a betrayal.

Sounds almost impossible doesn't it?

It is unless the wife has repented of her sin, and has the love of God flowing through her.

It is.impossible to the unregenerate heart.

She endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things.


It is a definitive word.

No wiggle room.

Wiggle- short, quick, irregular movements from side to side.

The redeemed woman walks with steely love flowing through her veins.

It's God's love after all!

She stands firm.

When is she loving to her friend?

At all times.

I'm not talking about the emotional feelings the world has, and then they are gone like the wind.

Nothing but, and at all times, a friend is steadfast with a determined love that no tornado can sever.

No wiggle room.

The apostle Paul says in Philippians 3 that he is faultless when it comes to righteousness.


Someone who continues to sin is not faultless.

In Philippians 2:14, the redeemed are told to do ALL things without grumbling.

No wiggle room.

Proverbs 20:7 tells us that the righteous lead blameless lives.


A definitive word that leaves no room for a wiggle on the wide road.

Why would a redeemed soul want to wiggle anyway?

They don't want to wiggle, for they are new.

If you want to wiggle on the wide road, then do you consider yourself blameless, and born new?

Do you think that the temptations that you succumb to are not of your choice and doing?

Do you love at all times?

When you read the Word, then take notice of the words you read.

Notice the definitive words.

Be perfect.


Definitive indeed, isn't it?

Only the free, and free indeed soul, will live definitively with love always toward all.

Not of their doing at all. Not of their efforts. Nor of their ability.

None of their righteous, always loving soul, is of them.

The love that you show, is it hard for you, and must you remind yourself to be kind, and must you sing several praise songs to get yourself boosted up in your mood so you can love, and must you hold your breath to love others while really hating them while you are around them, and you can't wait for them to leave, and then you can go on about your business, and be done with those people?

Do you love at all times?

Only the repentant, born new soul can, and upon repentance they are never the same again.


If you are up one day, and down the next, and first you love, and then you are angry, and throwing things, and speaking kindly, and then are gossipy, and slanderous, then you are of this world.

The world is just like that.

They are not blameless.

They still need a Savior, and you do too.

Sinners need a Savior.

I have one. He has saved me. He has removed hate from my soul as far as the east is from the west.

I stand blameless.

Just like the apostle Paul.

Philippians 3:12 tells us that he says that he is not already perfect, but looking at verse 11 we see that he is referring to his physical body which has not yet been resurrected from the dead.

Our physical bodies will NEVER be perfect until the resurrection when we are given new ones.

But isn't it interesting the amount of time that many, who say that they love God, spend on what is dying, and the money many spend working on the physical aspect of themselves?

They go to weekly meetings to work on what is dying!

They buy special clothes to help make look good that which is dying!

They read everything they can about how to make perfect that which is dying!

They try to find a way to eat better, and differently to make better what is dying!

They talk mostly about exercise, and food, all the while they are dying!

And so little time is spent with God, except for their "devotion time" if they get to it.

The ones who know him abide in him.

They don't give him a 5 minute devotional and think they are good.

They dwell in him, and meditate day and night in his Word.

To them, the Word is sweeter than the honeycomb.

They love everyone.

They are the best friend one could have.

But not all will want their friendship.

They speak truth.

Not all will want the friendship of a born new soul.

They love anyway.

Jesus was the best friend anyone could have, and many only wanted him for his handouts.

They followed him for the goodies.

They did not follow him to his beating, and say, "Beat me instead!"

They did not follow him to the cross, and say, "Crucify me in his place!"

The religious leaders, the ones many would say were "good," crucified him.

Peter betrayed him.

Jesus loved anyway.

Do you?

What type "love" is yours?

Is it something you show with ease, and a light heart?

The burden to love, according to Jesus, is a yoke that is easy, and light.

Is that your experience?

Have you been born new?

Did you repent?

Or do you do that almost every day?

If so, then you are saying that, at times, you don't agree with God about the sin that you do.

For to sin is to walk in darkness, and does one really walk in darkness, and then in the light?

Is the walk we have with God a walk that wiggles all over the road?

Read the Word.

Seek God.

Be saved to sin no more.


October 14, 2016

The big fallacy

"If we change our thoughts, we change our outcome." (Joyce Meyer)

That sounds right doesn't it?

Sounds logical.

Sounds easy.

What's wrong with that statement?

When I was s bank teller, and was being trained concerning how to spot counterfeit money, I was told, "Don't study the counterfeit, but know the real thing, and then you will be able to spot the fake."

When we study, and know the Word, then we can spot the counterfeit.

More accurately, I would say that to spot the fake prophets, know God.

We know God only through repentance.

We then are given a new heart.

The new heart is accomplished by the old heart being excised.

The old is gone, and the new comes.

With the new heart, one knows that whatever has changed has not been of their doing.

None of it.

So for Joyce Meyer, and a myriad of other new-age, and false prophets to say, "Change your focus," or any of those type words rearranged in bountiful ways, is to preach fallacy.

You cannot change anything.

Not permanently.

Only a born new person is really changed, and the change that occurs is forever.

The born new person does not need to change anything, for all things have become new.

All things have already changed.

It is heresy to say, "Change your focus," or to start any conversation with anyone when it comes to a relationship with God, and the world, and life, with words that sound as though you can do it.

Yes, repentance means that you change your mind about the sin that you do, but that change is done while still in sin, and the pigsty.

The prodigal son, while still in sin, changed his mind, and headed home, never to wander again.

He was new.

When the sin is gone, the mind is new, and it never is old again.

Or did Jesus die in vain, and the Holy Spirit is not able to keep you from sin?

Must you get up every day and change your mind, and walk into the kitchen, and change your mind, and see a mess, and change your mind, and how long must you continuously change your focus to do what you have been commanded to do?

With every step, are you to change your mind?

If you must do that, then you are walking by the work that YOU do.

That is why so many are confused, and fail, and wander, and get depressed, and discouraged.

They think that they just need to DO better with their focus.

You can't do better.

Or would you like to think that YOU can, and then when YOU do it, then who gets the glory?

You would.

The truly victorious are continuously victorious, and those are the born new souls.

They are continuously a living sacrifice, and are loving, and it has nothing to DO with THEM.

They have been born of God.


When you listen to sermons, and teachings, tune in to words that have to DO with you DOING.


Other than repent.

If you hear that you just got to do better, or words to that effect, run.

You cannot do better.

Did Jesus ever teach anything like that?

Did he ever say, "Do better, or "Keep your focus," or "Change your focus."

He commands perfection. .

That cannot be DONE by YOU.

Only in repentance are you GIVEN a new heart, and FREEDOM from trying to keep your focus!

That new heart will not think the same as the old, and it will have NOTHING to do with YOU.

It will have everything to do with being born-again.

If you do not hear the words "born again" then again, run.

The reason that you will not hear those words from a majority of preachers is that they aren't born-again. Jesus said that many are the false prophets. Many preachers cannot tell one how to be born new. If you do not hear the words "repent," and "turn from your sin," then run.

Everything else is new-age, and false.

The big fallacy is that YOU can do something to better yourself.

You can't.

Repent, and be born again, or stay in your sin, and perish in it as you spin in this world, always trying to do better, and keep your focus, as if the weight is on you to perform.

Or repent, and find rest, and know God.

October 13, 2016

Meditating on love

How blessed is the woman who walks on the narrow road, whose feet stay put.

She meditates on the law.

She contemplates, observes, and studies carefully the statutes of God.

What is that law?


The new law, instituted by Jesus Christ, is on her mind.

She thinks about how next she can show love to her husband.

Not one day goes by where she is not patient with him, tender toward him, and kind to him.

She dwells in the law of love.

She loves her neighbor.

She is in the Vine, and love, tenderness, and mercy flow through her to her husband, and those she meets are never exempt from gentleness, even to the stranger, she is kind, never pushy, or rude.

She weeps with those who weep, and she helps the down-and-out, and she isn't looking for a stone to cast as she thinks on love, and her mind is occupied constantly on who to shower next with love.

Her hand stretches out to love, and her energy is expended on others.

How about you?

What does it take for you to love on someone?

Do you need to be reminded to love?

Are sticky notes plastered all over your house as a reminder to walk as Jesus walked?

Does not the Holy Spirit of God reside in you to do as he pleases?

Have you not yielded your body as a continuous living sacrifice, or do you hop off the altar, and then back on, and then off again depending on the weather, your mood, and the behavior of others?

If so, then you are not blessed no matter your words, for the Word says otherwise.

Psalm 1:1 tells us that the blessed person contemplates thoroughly, and has in her view as a future event the law of the Lord which is love. Her feet are planted in it (she is attached to the Vine), and she is just like a tree planted by a river flowing with love; she is grounded in love.

She speaks truth.

That type of love is not found in a praise song that makes you cry cause it is so pretty.

That type of love is found in repentance.

That type of love is not in your life when you've had sufficient rest, and good food.

It is given by God to the repentant.

That woman is happy, blessed, and attached to the One who is love.

She has repented.

She is always thinking about how to love, where to love, and who to love.

Love is on her radar at all times.

Gossip, hate, rebellion, contention, jealousy, slander, and all manner of evil have been removed from her soul as far as the east is from the west, and she is filled with divine love, and she is happy.

How about you?

What is on your mind?

What occupies your thoughts?

Must you constantly reel in the ugly, the hate, the angst?

To the repentant, his yoke is easy, and the "burden" to love others is easy.

Only to the those who agree with God about the sin that they do is love (like a river) given.

Have you been given love by God?

If so, then you are blessed, and you are always thinking of how to love on others, and you are looking for ways to love on others, and you yield fruit in season , and your leaf never withers.

The Lord knows what you do, and in the end, you will stand before God.

Read Psalm 1, and ask the hard questions concerning your thought life, and your love for others.

All others. Does God's love occupy your every thought? Does your love never dry up?

Do you meditate on love always?

October 12, 2016

Who betrayed Jesus?

The person who kissed him.

The person who was fed by him.

The person who said he loved him most.

The person who was his travel companion.

The person who saw his great miracles, and benefited from them.

The person who was saved by him from drowning.

The person who said that he would never betray him.

The person who vied against everyone else for "best friend forever" badge. 

The person who wanted to build an altar for him, and make him king of the world.

The person who was given new life by him.

That is the same type person who will betray those who walk with Jesus now, and have been born of the Spirit of God, and who love without reservation, or prejudice, or conditions.

Someone will betray you.

And if you are truly born-again, then you will follow the steps of Jesus even in that.

You will love.

It will not be difficult.

His yoke is easy, and his burden light for the born new soul.


No big deal.

Who betrayed Jesus?

Each one of us.

And until one repents, and truly believes, and does as commanded, one continues to betray him.

Do not say that you love him, and then hate your enemies, and pick and choose whom you love.

For that is a betrayal.

The love of God, if truly residing in a soul, loves as God loves.

They do not betray that love, and give a pseudo-love, and call it love.

Betray- to be unfaithful to truth.

The truth is unconditional (without conditions) love flowing out of the redeemed soul.

Do you love like that?

Who has betrayed you?

What is the stance of your heart to them?

A hold-out until....when? What? How is one required to behave before you love them?

"Betray me. Use me. Take advantage of me. I will love you like my Lord loves me."

That is always the choice of the redeemed heart.

No strings attached.

When Peter betrayed Jesus, he did not see Jesus, but heard his words in his heart.

And he heard the rooster crow.

Whoever betrays you will know what they have done.

What will you require of them?




What will you hold against them until they say something, or do something?

The redeemed hold nothing against anyone.

They simply love.

They condemn, and ostracize no one.

Love, like that, cannot be conjured up by listening to praise music, or a brisk walk, or after taking a few deep breaths, or after months of therapy, or counseling, for love is not manufactured.

It is given upon repentance.

It is given, poured into, the newly made heart, upon repentance.

The repentant does nothing for it, because it is poured in like a river (Romans 5:5).

They don't even say, "Ok, I'm ready Lord. It's time. Go ahead."

It is given when one is born new.


Upon repentance, being born-again by God's spirit, a person is new.

The same type person who betrayed Jesus will betray you.

Are you ready?

Only after repentance, and not after extreme meditation, and weeks of fasting, or deciding to change your point of view, or anything that you can do, for anything that you do will be temporary.

It will be you working it.

Your works are as filthy rags.

Filthy rags are useless, and need washing.

Repent of hate.

Hate is an extreme aversion to someone.

Is that in you toward anyone?

If so, then it permeates your soul, for a little "extreme aversion" affects the whole lump.

Who will betray you?

Who will you love regardless?

Do you really follow Jesus?

Or do you just like to sing praise songs, and go to church to see what's happening, and hear the latest "prayer request," and observe what people are wearing, and put in your religious time?

To the one who betrays, or has betrayed you, do you lay down your life?

Have you been born new?

October 11, 2016

What must I do to be saved?

I can hear the answer in my head about that question, can you?

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."


But what does that mean?

Do you know?

Is it enough to say that Jesus was who he claimed to be?

Is it enough to say that he rose from the dead?

Is it enough to nod the head at facts?

"Yep. He did those things. I'm saved!"

Does salvation consist of such as that?

Scripture tells us that demons believe those facts.

They know the truth.

You can know the truth, and not believe it.

Belief in truth is to do the truth you say you believe (John 14:23, I John 5:3).

One cannot do the truth until one repents.

One cannot continue to sin, and have darkness in them, and be saved from the darkness.

I can know that eating chocolate cake all day long can cause a stomach ache.

It could, but it might not.

If I believed it to be true, and if I love myself, then I won't eat cake all day.

True belief changes behavior.

Believing that hate is murder is one thing, and thinking that I can hold a grudge, and it not be hate is another thing. I can be deceived (because of my desire to hold onto a grudge), and think that I still love, yet not want much at all, if anything, to do with the one against whom I hold a grudge.

Love lives with open arms to all.

No grudges are held in the heart of a set free person.

No depression sets up camp in the life of one who knows from wince they have been freed.

No discouragement lies in the heart of the soul who has constant communion with God almighty.

If so, then what must one do to get out of that depression?

What must one do to be free from grudges, and discouragement?

Can you tell me what one must do?

Is it possible to set oneself free from any of that?

Would you say that I must change anything?

If so, then in the state of depression, or discouragement, or hate, a soul must do something?

They must change something?

What can I change about what is inside me?

Can the darkness in a soul free a soul from darkness?

If so, then do they help themselves to freedom?

If so, then can they boast?

"I just colored a picture, and seeing all those pretty pages that I colored made me happy!"

How is that explained to someone with no ability to color?

Can we buy a new shirt, house, car, gadget, and fall decor, and it brightened the mood?

How is that explained to a dirt-poor neighbor?

"I just listen to praise music, and I'm different because of it!"

How can the deaf do that?

Work is expending energy.

If I can co anything to change my depression, and grudge-holding, hate, and discouragement, into joy, patience, and peace, then I have expended energy to do it, and that constitutes work.

Salvation from grudges, depression, and discouragement, is not of works, lest you boast.

Salvation is a work of God in a soul (John 6:29).

If your antidote to a sad soul is coloring, singing, or exercise, then you have freed yourself.

God is not in that equation.

If people can do anything to free themselves, then why the need for what Jesus did?

Why would God leave his spirit with us if a brisk walk in fresh air can free one from depression?

What's the point if all I need to do is take a walk, or enjoy some retail therapy, or take a nap?

Tell that to the person with no legs, no money, and insomnia.

Or would you make up another way for them to be free from what the world suffers from constantly?

If you suffer from depression, discouragement, and grudge-holding, then you succumb to those chains on a regular basis, as in daily. If it is not one of those, then it will be another to which you are enslaved. Or do you succumb once, and then you are done? Does freedom look like that?

Is leaven in a person just a little bit, or does it affect the whole of the person?

Jesus says that just a little leaven transforms (alters totally) the whole lump.

What must you do to be saved?

What is belief?

What does it really look like?

When is it practiced?

How is it practiced?

You will not find me eating poison for I believe it will kill me.

You will not find me jumping in front of a moving truck for I believe it could kill me.

You will find me doing what I say that I believe.

The soul who believes in Jesus (and therefore loves him) will be found doing what he says to do.

John 14:21, "Whoever has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and manifest myself to him."

Commands cannot be kept right alongside of sin in a heart.

I love, not because I can, but because God does it through me; it's not of me, but of God.

Love is of God, because of his work in a soul, through repentance.

In my sin, I decided to drop it, and in the dropping, I was saved.

You will sink with sin still in you.

You will sink in depression, discouragement, and because of the weight of hate in your heart.

You can temporarily be jovial, and light-hearted if you go shopping, and have date-night, and when things go your way, and your husband says the right things, and the kids behave, and no one is sick.

You can pretend to be well, and happy, and pretending will continue until you drop your sin.

You will drop it when you agree with God about it.

If you still sin, then you believe one way about it, and God commands another way concerning it.

You can still pray, and go to church, and think that you are good.

You do not have his ear with sin in your heart.

Your attendance at church means nothing to him.

Your goodness is as filthy rags.

What must you really do to be saved?

Do you really know?

Can you tell another?

When they do what you have told them, then are they free?

What would you tell them equals freedom?

What chains will you tell them have dropped from their life, or from your life?

All or some, and if it is only some, then when do the rest drop?

What must you do to be saved?

October 9, 2016

Having no wants

The redeemed woman has no want— of anything.

She does not want her husband to do this or that, or fulfill her, or take her out, or bring her in.

She is not a wanton woman.

She is a filled woman, who is at rest in her soul, and who is, also, never at unrest.

She's not moody.

Are you?

So is the world.

The redeemed woman is not of this world.

You may, if that is the choice you make, tend to fudge, and wiggle, and squirm a bit on that topic.

You will do that if you like, or need, the attention of your man, or anyone else.

You might say, "But I'm human!"

The redeemed woman, while still human, has been born new in Christ Jesus her lord.

A born new human is the one who is redeemed.

She is never the same again upon true salvation.

Do not be deceived.

Anyone born of Spirit is spirit, and no longer walks according to the flesh (Romans 8:5).

Flesh means like the world.

No longer.

As in never.

Redemption is, according to John 1:12-13, a total transformation, that is instantaneous.

The new birth changes a needy woman into a new woman.

She will not nag, nor berate, nor belittle her man.

She does not boast of in herself at all, but only of her God.

She loves, no longer hating anyone, for her heart is new, brand new, never to think the same way about anything again, including, date-nights, vacations, Sunday mornings, Saturday mornings, or any other day, or event, or birthday, holiday, or anniversary, for all things, all things, all things, are new.

Breakfast is new.

Giving is new.

Receiving is new.

And nothing is conjured, or manipulated, or worrisome.

Is it a Pollyanna life?


Pollyanna, a fictional character, was viewed as the 'source' of optimism.

If that can be the case, then a person can also be the source of pessimism.

And if that is the case, then you (and I) will be blaming others for a dour, sour, or ugly aura.

Think about the number of times you have heard the words, "Be positive," or "Don't be negative."

A Christian is neither of those, but is redeemed, changed, and is never the source of love.

Therefore, because the redeemed are not the source of love, then they never run out of it.

They are no one's Savior, but they point to him.


They are attached to the Source, and out of them will flow love.

Not positivity, or negativity which are new-age words, with unChrist-like meanings.

No child of God brings a "charge" into a room, nor changes any heart.

You can blame another for the vibe you think is happening, but the only thing happening is either you are attached to the Vine and are always producing good fruit, or you are not.

Jesus never spoke of vibes, or being positive, or negative, but he said some other things.

He spoke definitively, and distinctly, and decisively about obedience, and love, and hell.

Do you know what he has said?

Do you follow him?

When he is your Shepherd, then you have no need for anyone to change their perhaps stinking rotten attitude to bring light to your world, for your soul will dwell in the Light.

What need do you have?

It will reveal itself by what you say.


What are you saying to your husband, your friends, and to your friends about your husband?

What is your need?

Who will meet your need?

It will never be a friend, no matter how positive they are.

Nor will it be a husband, no matter how spiritual he is, or you wish him to be.

When the Shepherd is your shepherd, then you will not want— for anything.

He will meet your every need.

And what is the need exactly of every soul?


No one will see God without a perfectly obedient heart.


How can one have that?


Do you agree with God about sin?

When you really do, then you will not sin again.

To sin is to choose to do what is evil.

Does anyone choose to sin by accident?

Choose to repent.

Agree with God.

October 7, 2016

Saved....from what?

By grace you have been saved.

Those of us, who have been in Protestant churches for any length of time, know those words.

They pack a big punch.

We see grace, not mercy, saves us.

We see the word "you" which indicates, not everyone, but a specific people.

Everyone can hear those words, but not everyone is saved.

Everyone hears God, but God does not hear everyone.

God speaks to all, but only the pure in heart have his ear.

The death, and resurrection, of Jesus provided salvation for all, but not all repent, and are born new.

By grace (not mercy) you have been saved (from sin), through faith— and this is not from yourself (the grace, salvation, or faith) but it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

Have you heard some say, "I got saved," as if they had anything to do with it?

The words "I was saved" reveals an understanding of what has occurred.

In sin, we turn, and repent, and we have nothing to do with the recreation that takes place.

When that truly happens, we will not have a braggadocios bone in our body.

For we are his workmanship.

Was everyone who heard these words back in the day when it was first written his workmanship?

Not unless everyone of them had been born new.

What about today? When someone, who has not been born-again, sits in church and hears those words, then can they assume because the word "we" is used, then are they part of the "we"?

Of course not.

Or do you think they are?

That passage goes on to say that those who are God's handiwork, have been created in Christ Jesus.

You are born (again) by the Lord— upon repentance.


For good works. Only good works (fruit), and God prepared, in advance, for you to do them.

If I were to bake a cake, then I would not allow (to the best of my ability) anyone to come in and smash it. It has a purpose. What I "create" will do as I say if I can help it.

And I am a human, and have limited ability to keep my "creation" for its designated purpose.

But God?

He is all-powerful.

He is not limited in his ability to keep his creation from what brings death.

He will not allow his creation to be tempted beyond what they can bear (I Corinthians 10:13).

They will not fall.

He keeps their foot from slipping (Psalm 121:3)

They will not sin, for sin is death, always, and a soul is not born new, and then dies, and then is born new, and then dies, for that would require putting Jesus to death again, and that won't happen.

Hebrews 10:26 tells us there remains no sacrifice for those who continue to sin.

Those who have been saved have been saved FROM something.

It is sin.

Sin causes dying in every soul who sins.

We are saved from what would cause dying.

It is sin.

If you still sin, then you have not been saved from what causes death, every time, in every way.

Your sin is no different than the sin of the one who would say that they don't believe.

To say that you believe is to live according to the Truth— always.

That can only be done by being born again.

Being born-again (recreated) is done by Jesus Christ upon that part of you that sins.

He gives a new heart to the repentant.

That new heart has completely new desires, and what we desire, we will do.

The repentant will do as commanded. She has new desires.

She will love.

Or would a God, who is love, give a new heart, and then cause great distress for that soul by giving them new desires without the ability to do those desires?

In the new birth, the Holy Spirit comes to live in that soul to do as they couldn't without him.

She loves— always.

Love fills her soul.

If you sin, then you have your back to God, and if you have your back to God, that is betrayal.

Or would you say that you sin boldly in front of God's face?


Only those who are without sin stand boldly in front of God's face.

Those without sin commit no sin.

Or do you think that when you sin it is automatically blotted out, and you can go merrily down the narrow road skipping, and sinning, as you go, because as soon as you sin, the blotter inks out the sin?

What about the sin of unbelief?

And adultery?

And drunkenness, lying, and murder?

And every sin imaginable, no matter if committed daily, or is it just sin that is occasional?

The question remains.

If you are saved, then from what are you saved?

October 6, 2016

Only good fruit?

"Produce fruit in keeping with repentance," Matthew 3:8.

Those words were spoken by John the baptizer.

He was, and is, saying that you will know when you have truly repented when fruit is produced.

Is fruit being produced in you, the type that keeps in line with a truly repentant heart?

Is your life a factory of love, and joy, and peace, and patience, and gentleness?

Or does you factory produce various types of fruit?

Is some of it rotten? Spoiled? Not fit for humans who profess to know God?

You can profess to know God, and not know God.

Jesus spoke of lip-service.

He spoke of easy versus narrow.

The life of the repentant produces only good fruit.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:17 that good trees produce good fruit.

We are led to believe by charlatans, false prophets, and the misled, that one can produce sin as they produce good fruit, as if the bad, and good come off the assembly line, that is the heart, together.

Do not be deceived.

Charlatans pretend to have the truth, and they will speak it convincingly.

Would your pastor be shocked to hear that you sin? Would he be saddened? What would he say?

Does he sin? I would assume so if he says that you can still sin. What is his sin?

Sin always brings death.

Jesus also says that the Holy Spirit is NOT given to, nor poured into, an old heart (Matthew 9:17).

First repentance, and then the filling, and the love does not stop.

Let's say that you had the ability to have perfect love flow through your mind, body, and spirit.

It filled you.

Will you say then at some point you would get tired of that, and look to something else to fulfill you?

If you sin, then you choose to sin.

If perfect love is in you, and then you choose to sin— how can that be the case?

Are you saying that perfect love would get old?

It would lose its sweet flavor?

The world would look good to you?


To keep you coming back to them is why a charlatan would declare that you would still sin AFTER you have repented, and have had perfect love flowing through you.

Being saved is not a walk down an aisle, or a repeat of a prayer, nor is it tears of sorrow.

Many have cried over their poor decisions, and yet would deny Christ, and do deny him.

So do you if you sin.

To deny Christ is sin, and to do any other sin (that you would say that you do) is sin.

Sin is sin.

It is not different in you compared to ANYONE else.

Yes, the repentant, the one who really agrees with God about sin, will not turn to God, and then turn again to sin, for that would be to disagree with God about sin, and that is the same as denying him.

If you still sin, continue to follow Jesus, but know this.

He will lead you to God, and God is perfect.

No one can be in his presence unless the perfection of Christ is fully in them.

The perfection of Christ does not dwell at all, in any way, in an old wineskin.

Through repentance, one is given a new heart, and the new heart produces only good fruit.

That is what Jesus said and it is what he meant, and if anyone minces his words, they lie.

The truth is not in them.

When Jesus is truly in you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you are new.

All things are new.

You do not, and will not, think about horoscopes, yoga, food, diets, Hollywood, politics, money, animals, people, Scripture, the weather, and hell the same way as you did prior to being made new.

Sin brings death, but in Christ, one is made alive (Ephesians 2:5).

Sin always makes one dead.

Christ makes one alive, once and for all time.

If you still sin, then you are dead in your sin.

Being made new in Christ is to be made (created) in Christ.

Those souls, who are created in Christ, are done so for only good works (Ephesians 2:10), and one walks only in good works on the narrow road where the foot does not slip (Psalm 121:3).

God keeps the feet of the repentant from veering off the road (I Corinthians 10:13).

He makes no temptation too strong.

Sin is committed when temptation is too strong, and then one falls, and commits sin.

I Corinthians tells us God does not allow that to happen in the repentant. 

Are you on the narrow road?

I used to wonder, when I thought I was saved, if I was on the narrow road.

I wanted to be on it, but my sin was causing confusion about it.

How could I be on the narrow road, and still want the husband of another?

How could I be on the narrow road and still covet, and be untruthful, and unloving?

Truth is, I wasn't on it.

Not till I repented.

The lies of Satan have blinded many.

The lies have come through those who would have more money, and power, and influence.

Be wary of anyone who makes a living from preaching.

They will not want to make you mad.

We typically don't give money to people who make us mad.

Being told, "You're a sinner," makes people mad.

Read the Gospels.

That message, "Repent of your sin," provoked many to want to kill Jesus.

Your choice to sin will escort you to hell.

No matter your prayers, your ability to cast out demons, or build a ministry.

No matter your disciplining others, and handing out tracts, or mission trips. 

If you work iniquity (spend energy on sin) Jesus will tell you to depart from him (Matthew 7:21-23).

Only good fruit.

Only good fruit.

The good tree produces one thing.

Only good fruit?


Only good fruit.

That is what the Savior says.

Find it in Matthew 7:18.

How do you respond to the message he speaks?

Will you say, "Fine. But I'm saved. I have no concern with the sin that I do. It's covered."

And he will say to you that when you are truly a good tree, then only good fruit is produced.

Are you a good tree?

If so, then only good fruit is being produced, and there are no spots on that fruit, for it will be the righteousness of Christ in you to do it, and you will not boast, save in the One who saved you.

We are saved from sin to sin no more.

Not just when we get to heaven.

Of course no one sins in heaven.

The kingdom of heaven is IN the ones who have Christ in them.

They sin no more now.

They love, and will continue to love until heaven.

Christ is their joy. They want nothing more. They need nothing more.

They are full.

They hunger, and thirst no more.

They produce only good fruit.

October 4, 2016

Do you really truly believe?

Are you petty?

Do you hold grudges?

Is anyone, and everyone welcome at your table?

Do you favor some people over others?

Do you gossip about how you've judged the behavior of others?

Do you hold the sins of others against them?

Do you find ways to avoid people?

When you really truly believe that hell is real, and when you really truly believe about it as Jesus taught, then you will find ways to be around people, and you will go into all your world, and no one will bug you, for you see them as a soul, who is either saved, or lost, and the lost are whom you will love with a passion, and the saved you will love even more if that is possible.

But you will not be petty ever, for hell waits for everyone, or heaven is their home, and you will want desperately to know that they know for sure where they will be going.

If you run into a petty person, or one who loses their temper, and who is seeking more of this world, then pray for them, and ask for the opportunity to love them, and share the good news.

The good news sets people free, and free indeed.

Not just a bit free here, and a bit free there, but totally, and without reservation free.

The mind of Christ resides in those who know God.

What they think looks like, and sounds like what Jesus said, and did.

What do your words sound like, and what do your actions portray?

If you truly believe, then the words of your mouth, and all of the meditation of your heart will be acceptable to God, and not just sometimes when you are on your game.

You will have nothing to do with being on game or not when controlled by Someone else.

You will be an instrument, or you will be calling the shots.

It really is one way, or the other.

You do really truly believe, or you do not.

Your words, and actions will tell on you.

What are those two things explaining to you?

Listen carefully, and be wise, and do not be deceived.

Hell is real.

Those who believe it, live like there will be no tomorrow.

Do you?

He thought he was good

The rich young ruler came to Jesus with a question.

In Mark 10:17, we find that the man even started out his question to Jesus in the correct position.

He came up to Jesus and knelt.

Kneeling is good, right?

If we want to get the attention of the Lord, bending the knee shows we mean business.

And then he addresses Jesus as "Good teacher," and it sounds a bit Eddie Haskle-like.

You know the ornery "Leave it to Beaver" character who, while really corrupt was always wanting to come off to others as a good young man, and he did it with flowery talk, and compliments.

People always saw through him.

And with the rich young ruler, Jesus saw through the facade.

He asks, "Why do you call me good?"

Jesus asks us the same question.

He knows what is in a heart, and if a person comes to him thinking they are good, they have something to learn, and the posturing we do is a moot point, and so are the compliments we give him.

He proceeds to tell the man that God alone is good, and he also says, in essence, "You already know all the commandments."

(As if it is enough to know all of them.)

In fact, the young man expresses with, what I believe was excitement, and he also shows Jesus what a quick study he is, because this time he addresses him correctly:

"Teacher, all these I have kept from my youth!"

He was telling Jesus, "See, I'm so good! I've been good a long time! Ever since I knew the commandments, I have kept them! See how good I am!"

And Scripture tells us that Jesus, always full of compassion, looked at the young man, and loved him.

And he said to him, "You lack one thing."

Uh-oh. Can you imagine the sinking feeling in that man's heart? The double-take he must have done?

He thought he was good!

And Jesus says, "Wait a minute. Stop posturing. You're are self-righteous."

He is saying to all of us, who think that we have kept all the law, "You are lacking."

The rich young ruler, who had knelt in front of Jesus, did not love his neighbor as himself.

Nor did he love God with all his heart.

What Jesus asked him to do were those two things.

He says the same to us.

Jesus did not say, "Sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and live in poverty forever after."

Jesus was saying, "Your professed goodness is proven in obedience. Love God, and that neighbor."

Oh....and one more thing, "Come, follow me, then you'll have treasure in heaven."

That man's treasure was here on earth.

His treasure was where his heart was.

Where's yours?

Where is your treasure, and where is your heart?

It is proven in your walk.

Do you think that you are good?

Ever since you knew not to lie, steal, or cheat, you haven't done those things?

But do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself, and are you still following Jesus by walking as he commands, and by living solely for God alone?

The rich young ruler left the presence of Jesus sad.

Are you sad?

Does joy like a river only flow through you when you sing the song, "I've got joy like a river?"

And then when you walk away after singing, then does the joy flow?

And the love like a river, is it in you?

You will never need to sing "Fill my cup Lord," ever again after God fills you one time.

Being attached to the Vine includes constant filling.

You cannot produce fruit unless you are in the Vine (John 15:4).

Would you say that you are in Jesus?

If that is true, then you produce love, and joy, and peace always.

By this one sign will all men know that you are his disciple.

Love (John 13:35).

You can think that you are good, but if love is not flowing, then you know not the God of love.

Do you love?

Does your love start, and stop, and come, and go, and yet you think you are good?

Do you walk away from your devotions still sad, and do you need sunshine, and fresh fruit, and a good walk, or anything else to bring a smile to your face, for the moment, and then you need all that, and Jesus, again later, and it is never enough to simply know, and follow Jesus for joy to be in you?

The world is like that without claiming to know Jesus.

If you know the prince of peace, and the God who is love, then you are never in need.

You always love.

Otherwise what difference does knowing Jesus make in your life?

It's not what you don't do that makes any difference in your soul.

It is what you do.

You love when you know God (I John 4:7-8).

You know God through repentance.

Do the material things that you have belong to you?

Or is everything, every last thing, dross?

Where is your treasure?

When it lies only in God, then you are free.

You can think that you are good, but let a child's chocolatey mouth rub up against your pretty clothes.

What happens?

You can think that you are good, but then a friend, husband, or family member betrays you.

Then what?

You can think that you are good, and then hear Jesus still saying, "Follow me."

Then what do you do?

Do you argue with him?

Do you get on your knees, and say flowery words to him?

Or are you obedient, and do you really follow him?

Do you know how he walked, and do you know his words?

Do you meditate in them day, and night, and are you like a tree planted by the river who yields fruit?

Or do you just think that you are good?

What must you do to be saved?

Do you know for sure, and have you asked Jesus about that?

Don't ask your pastor, or a fiend, or Beth Moore.

Ask Jesus. Study his words. Repent.

Don't walk away sad.