September 28, 2016

You must be born again

Jesus said that you won't see heaven unless you have been born new (John 3).

If one is born new, then what is new about them?


What constitutes a person?

Is it their flesh?

What makes a body alive?

Is it feet, or hands, or ears, eyes, and a nose?

Of course not.

Man is a soul, and spirit.

What is inside a person must be born new.

The way that they think.

It must be new in order to see heaven.

Once born new, will the person think the same way?


They are new.

Will they be overwhelmed with lust, and cravings of this world, like they were prior to being new?



They are new.

If you think differently, then what is new about a person, who would say that they are saved, yet still has great fears, and lies, and uses God's name in vain, and slanders, and hates?

How is that person new?

Where is the difference between that soul, and anyone you could choose in this world who would say that they don't believe?

What difference does your belief in God make in your life?

Must you try to be good, or is it automatic?

Do you have the very spirit of God living in you to do good for you, or must you work at it?

Have you been born new?

Jesus says in John 3:6 that the one born of flesh is flesh, and the one born (new) by the Spirit is spirit.

One way or the other, not both.

Do you behave fleshly? You are of the flesh.

Do you behave, with love, in the Spirit? Then you have been born new and your spirit is different.

Completely, and never to be the same again, you are different.

You do not quake in your boots at anything. You do not lie, nor steal, nor use God's name in vain. You do not covet, nor gossip, nor commit adultery. You hate no one, and hold no grudge.


You love God with all your heart, and you love your neighbor.

You would not dare to speak of your "neighbor" in any way but in a way that shows you love that neighbor. Your heart has been filled with love. Something filled with love can only love.

You will not be seeking more money for your coffers.

You will be seeking to save (in whatever capacity God would use you) souls.


You believe that hell is real.

The way to avoid hell is to be born new, and the way to be born new is to repent.


Or do you think that the prodigal son went back to the pig-sty?


Jesus goes on to say in John 3 that sin is committed because of a love for it.

If you still sin, then do not wonder why that is the case.

Jesus says it is because you love it.

Do you want to not love it?

Repent of it. Agree with God about it. He will wash you.

You will never be the same again, or do you think you are pretty good already?

Pretty good does not get one to heaven.

You must be born new.

Turning into "pretty good" does not cut it.

God will not say, "You tried! You're pretty good. Come on in!"

Those who work iniquity (sin) will be told to depart from the throne.

That includes those who pray, build great things for God, and have cast out demons.

Think about it.

Have you been born new?

Are you new?

What about your life is really different, as in completely different, since you supposedly got saved?

Jesus said to make sure that no one deceive you (Matthew 24:4).

What is more important than knowing exactly what it takes to be saved?

That is the reason men came to Jesus. They had to know. They didn't ask their pastor.

Do you think that a pastor could/would deceive anyone?

Jesus says not only that they could, but they would, and they will, and they do (Matthew 15:14).

Have you asked Jesus about what it takes to be saved?

Have you read, in the gospels, what it takes to be saved, or are you relying on what a pastor has said to you about it, and do you think that he will be at the judgment seat to verify to Jesus that you are good to enter heaven because you walked an aisle, and repeated a prayer?

Have you studied?

Have you been deceived?

Who do you think has been deceived?

Someone has (many have), and if you believe you know the way, then what do you tell others of it?

"What must I do to be saved?" is what Nicodemus asked of Jesus.

What was the answer?

Do you know?

Did Jesus say, "Invite me into your heart?"

Isn't that what many pastors say?

Where did Jesus say that?

What did he say?

Are you new?

If so, how?

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