September 24, 2016

You may disregard the truth

We are given freedom of choice by the Creator.

If one refuses to believe (and that means accept and do) the words of Jesus, then they will not see heaven, for one must DO the words of Jesus, not just know them, in order to see God.

Those who love God do the words of Jesus (John 14:15, I John 5:3, John 15:10).

Do you know the words of Jesus, and do you love them fervently?

If so, then what will you be doing with them?

Will you be quoting Dr Oz, or Oprah, or any other guru that pops onto the scene with pop psychology about how to live without fear, and overcome obstacles?

No, you will not be doing that.

What we love, we speak.

Do the words of Jesus live in your mind?

If so, then you will be quoting his words, and his words will be the light by which you walk.

The latest in any magazine, or book, no matter by whom, will not be what you cling to when you encounter the everyday events of the days of your life.

Falsehoods, spoken by your pastor, a friend, or your neighbor will be instantly recognized when you know the truth that Jesus spoke.

Do you know what he said?

You may disregard it, and/or pretend you know it, but to those who know truth, and do it, to them are given the secrets of heaven (Matthew 13:11).

Do you believe that you know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven?

When you know them, then you will be telling them.

Those secrets are to be told.

They are to be shouted from the rooftops.

They are not to be hidden under a bushel basket.

Those who know them, speak them.

They are life, and freedom, and to those who repent, grace is known, and given.

Do you love God?

If so, then what is the proof in your life?

It is not enough to just answer "yes" to that question.

Is there evidence of your love?

Do you know what the evidence is?

Disregard truth to your own peril.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

It will not be two masters.

It cannot be two masters.

Do not disregard the call of God, and his wooing of your heart.

Seek him. Repent. Be set instantly, and completely free from falsehoods.

To not repent is to live in sin, and to live in sin is to be controlled by it.

No one can be good and bad (Matthew 7:17).

We are one or the other.

Or do you not believe it?

Jesus spoke those words.

What do you do with them?

You will disregard them, or live accordingly.

Always, and in all ways.

Study the Word.

Do the Word.

Live it, or die lost.

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