September 20, 2016

Why she laughs

Proverbs 31:25, "....she laughs at the time to come."

The wise woman looks at the future and her heart is light, and she is happy, and fear eludes her.


She knows her Maker.

Her moments, at the present time, are in his hands, so why not the future?

And the future to her is better than now.

Heaven waits.

Her eternal home, with her Savior, and God on his throne, wait for her.

She longs for that time to come.

The yoke on her neck is easy right now, and the burdens that she carries now are light.

Her God carries her as she carries her load.

He always will do that for her, and all her tomorrows, and the rest of forever are delightful in her eyes, and her soul rejoices now, and she knows it will forever, and she knows it right now.

Who would not laugh, and be merry to their core knowing that the sting of death is gone?

The woman of folly. The silly woman. The woman who loves this world.

She is not laughing. Her soul is not merry now. She complains, and she is full of worry.

But to the woman who has repented of sin, and knows God, she cries with others, but to the depths of her soul, she heartily is rejoicing, and nothing causes her to shake in her boots.

Her Lord keeps her foot from slipping.

Her God is not only on the throne in heaven, he resides on the throne of her heart at all times.

She is happy.

Are you?

Does the thought of tomorrow bring a smile to your lips, and a laugh from your heart?

If not, repent of your sins, for the days of your life are numbered, and those days are short.

Turn from your love of this world, and your hate of others, and know God.

Seek him, and find in the Scriptures the life that he promises to those who turn from their sin.


Turn. Agree with God. Find laughter, and grace beyond measure.

Your sins will be gone as far as the east is from the west.

At that you will find great joy.

Laughter will be a common-place event in your life.

Nothing shakes the wise woman.

Lack of sleep? Never. Lack of food. Nope. Lack of funds? Nada.

There is no lack for the woman who lives in the very palm of God's hand.

Who would not find great delight there?

The one who refuses to repent, that's who.

You cannot continue to sin and know God.

The woman who loves him, obeys him.

Do you?

The woman who loves him knows him as her greatest treasure.

Do you?

She needs no man-made pill, or "anti" this pill, or "anti" that pill.

She knows God.

That is why she laughs.

She is strong and dignified.

Are you?

When your mind wanders to tomorrow, do you laugh?

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