September 27, 2016

She will entertain

The wise woman will entertain people.

She will consider others, and hold others in her mind, and think about what pleases others.

She will have people in her home, and will feed them what they would enjoy, never making anyone adhere to her food likes, and dislikes, because life is not about her, or food, but about the souls of all.

She loves others.

All others, and she is willing to adapt her physical self to the needs of young, and old alike.

Her body is a living sacrifice.

How about you?

For whom do you live?

With each step that you take, and every breath that you breathe, is it for another?

Or is your agenda all about you?

Do others feel welcome in your home, or are they timid to be there?

How about your husband?

Whose home is it anyway?

Does he walk on eggshells making sure to keep things as you wish, and do as you "demand" however subtle that may be in your mind?

You will either be walking daily, moment by moment, on the narrow road, or you will be deceived in your thinking, believing that you are right with God, when, in fact, you do not know him.

Not if you still sin.

Jesus came to save sinners from sin.

If you claim that you still sin, then you walk in darkness, even though your name may be written down on a piece of paper at a "church" somewhere.

That saves no one.

Repentance is required.

Or would you continue in your sin?

If so, please consider Hebrews 10:26 where everyone is told that if you consider yourself saved, yet continue to sin, then no sacrifice remains for your soul.

Wide road or narrow road.

It is one or the other, and on the narrow road, one loves with no conditions.

That woman entertains, not only her husband (always), but others frequently.

We do not jump on and off the Vine.

Those who remain are the saved ones.

Sin is not allowed in the presence of God.

Do you live in his presence?

Or do you live according to how you feel about his presence?

Consider your life.

It is but a breath, and if you do indeed believe that to be true, then how is it that you are petty, or concerned about your attire, or houses, or bank account?

Do you believe that life is a breath?


How does your life reflect what you say you believe?

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