September 22, 2016

Never a need

The woman, who loves God, never has a need.

She will be tempted to defend herself against falsehoods,
derogatory remarks,
intentional attacks,
unintentional attacks,
and you name it.

Suff will be tossed into the life of the redeemed woman, and yet....she barely takes notice, and as I said, she will be tempted but she takes no time to care for her own reputation, tempted......

but she won't yield.

She has no need to do that.

Her heart stays at rest.


God knows her heart.

God has her heart.

He will defend her.

She knows that is true.

Her mind looks past the insults, and the hate, and the stones cast her direction.

Her heart looks to the needs of souls.

In the end, the truth will be known, and until then, she loves her enemies, and prays for those who would want to do her harm, and for those who spitefully use her?

She loves them.

No one can touch her at all in all actuality.

She is not the sum total of her physical self at all, for she is a soul, bought and paid for by God.

God is her Lord.

She has no need to protect herself from any harm.

She resides in the palm of the hand of the One who created her.

She loves him.

He keeps her heart from grudges, and doing evil, and from devising plots to harm others.

She loves others.

All others.

The Lord is her Shepherd, and she has no need.



Whatever temptation comes her way, be it to fear, hate, complain, lie, or steal, she won't.

God will not allow the temptation to be too strong (I Corinthians 10:13).

She will not succumb to evil for she loves God, and she loves people.

No one escapes her heart of love.

How can that be possible?

Her heart is new, and does not live in darkness.

She has moved, because of God's work in her, from hate to love.

She loves.

There is no other way that she walks but on the narrow road.


She is not skipping along happily, and then all of a sudden she is on the wide road.

She is always on the way that is limited in range.

The range consists of loving this one, and then that one, and then the next one.

A wall encloses her, and it is made of love.

Wherever she looks, she sees a soul in need of love, and she loves.

There is never a need that someone has where she will not be extending her hand.

She does not boast in her ability to love, but in the power of God, who has saved her.


Saved to have no need. No more does she need a Savior. She has one.

Never does she need to be forgiven again.

She has been forgiven, for she has repented of her hate, and she loves.

She does not need to be set free; she is free.

Do you have a need?

When the Lord is your Shepherd, then you will never have a need ever again.

Repent to know him. Turn from your way of wandering on the wide road, and living by feelings.

The just live by faith.

What is faith?


What does it mean to believe?

I know of, and have heard a woman say recently that she believes in God, and in Jesus Christ.

Would you say that she is a Christian?

She uses profanity openly, and has free sex, and believes that just about anything goes. She would probably say that murder is wrong, but I imagine that she would say abortion is okay.

Now would you say that she is a Christian?

Those things are sin, aren't they?

So is lying, and worry, and gossip, and anger, and slander.

What is your sin?

Who is really saved?

What is one saved from?

Are you saved?

Do you still seek after bigger and better?

Where is your heart?

Is it hiding in a church on Sunday, and behind a facade of Christian-ese talk?

Do you mention that you read popular devotional books?

Does that save anyone?

Are you still sinning?

What is your sin?

Did you turn from it (hate) yesterday, but not today?

Why will you not agree with God about it?

Those who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell, because to not believe is sin.

Sin keeps one from God.

What is your sin?

Is it any different from the woman who uses profanity, and sleeps around, and is it not the same as one who does not believe that Jesus is who he said that he is?

Sin is sin.

If you still sin, then you need a Savior.

Do you still need a Savior?

If you sin, then you do.

Repent.  Agree with God about the sin that you do.  Then you will know God.

God does not have a wonderful plan for you, he has a command for you.

Repent. Do not walk according to this world. Do all that he tells you to do.

Seek him, and always love everyone, and him with all your heart.

Can't do it?

That's right. You can't. If you have not repented, then you cannot, and will not, love. 

Love always behaves as outlined in I Corinthians 13.


Then you will have a Shepherd. Then you will have no need. Then you will be free.

Then you will always love. 


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