September 26, 2016

It's one of those days...

Do you have days that look so full that you don't know which way to go first?

Is that day today?

Are you tempted to crawl back into bed, and pull the covers over your head?

The heart of the wise woman will be tempted.

She will not, however, succumb.


God does not allow the temptation to be too strong in the life of his own.

They are always victorious.

Read about that in I Corinthians 10:13.

You understand total victory after you repent, and know God.

In knowing God, a soul has strength to put one foot in front of the other.

The walk continues on the narrow road clear to the end.

There is no "rededication" of one's life. One is either dedicated, and stays dedicated, or one is on the wide road. One can think that they are on the narrow road when, in truth, they are not.

The proof is in the walk.

Is your life a walk of love?

With every step do you love others, some how, and in some way even with a pile of dishes to do?

Or do you fight for your way, and your timing, and your pleasures?

Do you connive to see your desires fulfilled?

In secret, do you do one thing, and think one way, and in public, do you do another?

A divided heart does that, and it will not stand.

It will fail; it will not see God.

For the woman, who loves God, and all others, the dishes will get done, and she won't be asking her husband to do them, because she is not lazy, and she is diligent, and serving is not beneath her.

Service is her very life.

She does the jobs that other women put off hoping the husband will do them. 

The carpet gets vacuumed, and the animals fed, and the yard tended, and the windows washed, and whatever else is on the list will all eventually get done without the fretting, or battles.

She loves God.

And regardless of all that is on the list, the woman, who loves God, loves others.

Getting stuff done is secondary, yet she keeps her home, because she loves the people in it.

The neighbor is loved, and the heart of the wise woman is strong, because it rests in the palm of the Creator, whom she knows, loves, and obeys.

When it's one of those days, and most days are, the wise woman faces it with laughter as she looks to the not-to-distant future where she will spend eternity with her God, and her heart will go on beating, not for new stuff, and a longing for temporal pleasures, but with a longing for her eternal home.

In the meantime, she works.

She is not lazy, nor does she devise evil, but she plans for the good of her family.

She is not partial toward anyone, but loves equally, for the love in her heart is grounded in God.

His love is not prejudiced, and neither is her affection.

His love is her love— even when it is one of those days.

How about you?

What do your ways tell others about the road you walk?

When it's one of those days, then do you still love?

Must everyone do as you think that they ought, and must everyone speak as you think they should, and then you are kind, and show your affection?

Are you cranky, and touchy, and moody, and think that you have a right to that behavior?

Who teaches that type of love?

The world, that's who.

Live according to that philosophy, and you'll die not knowing God.

Repent of hate, and know God.

Then, and only then, will you love every day, even when the dishes are piled to the sky, and socks and shoes are strewn everywhere, and the grass is a foot high, and someone left the milk out all night.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

Bear burdens and fulfill all the law.

Those who love God?

They obey him.

Are you obedient even when it is one of those days?

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