September 30, 2016

From what are you free?

The Son of Man came to set men free.

If you would say that you have a relationship with the Son of Man, then from what are you free?

Would you say that it is a certain sin?

Does Jesus only free us from certain sins, and then wait to set us free from other sins later?

If so, how does that happen?

And is a little less incarceration truly freedom?

If you hesitate to say from what you are free, then are you free at all?

If so, how can that be the case?

If you were literally in prison, and suddenly the doors flung open, then maybe you would have to ask, "Am I free?"

But if the warden said, "Yes, you are free," then I'm guessing you would know it, and you would run with wide open arms into that freedom.

You would rejoice.

You would KNOW that you were free.

But here's the thing—Scripture tells us that the Son of Man sets men, not only free, but free indeed.

Free indeed means that one knows it.

Or do you suppose Jesus sets men free, and they don't know it?

Does that define love?

God is above and beyond the kindness of any earthly warden.

Think about it.

If you have come to know God, through repentance, would you still live as you did before knowing him? If so, how is there anything new about that?

Would God, who is love, leave his child to fret, and continue to lie, and hate, and covet?

Does that define freedom for you?

From what are you free?

If you would say that it is sin, then does sin still bind you at all?

Again, I ask, is a little less incarceration truly freedom?

John 8:36 tells us that if the Son of Man sets you free, then you are free indeed.

A little less incarceration is not freedom.

Are you truly free?

I'm not talking about being able to sing, dance, or talk about it.

Lip-service, and getting all excited, is easy, and Jesus warns against it.

At the judgment seat he won't recognize the fact that anyone sang about freedom from sin.

Nor will he be accepting of anyone who tried to not sin, or tried to be good.

The Lord is king of your heart, or he is foreign to it.

He sets the soul free. (Again, ask yourself, "Free from what?")

It is taught (in many churches) that Jesus lives in compartments in a heart, and that as one decides to yield other areas, then he fills that area, etc., ad nauseam. 

Where is it taught that the Lord of all Creation shares heart space?

I read in Mark 2:22 that new wine is not poured into old wine skins.

When the Son of Man sets someone free, they know it.

They are swept clean.

Sin is gone as far as the east is from the west.

Those two never meet.

Your soul, upon being free, will never meet with sin again.

Or do you not believe?

Have you repented?

Repentance is to agree with God about sin.

How many times does one do that?

Do you agree with God, and then not agree with him about sin?

From what must everyone repent?

Jesus boiled it down to two things— just two.

Do TWO things.

All of the law has been condensed to two commands.

Love God completely, and love the neighbor too.

Do you love your husband?

Do you simply tolerate people?

Do you have an inkling that you love God sort of, but much more, do you love him completely?

In order to obey those two commands, a soul must be born new, then the loving is done to them, for them, and through them always.

You cannot do those two commands without becoming new.

Until you repent, you will 'love' your husband one day, and tolerate him the next. You will be 'kind' to your neighbor one day, and hope that they move the next. You will be moody, just like the world, and anyone 'like' the world is of this world, and in truth, loves the world and all that is in it.

New birth happens when one obeys the first word the Son of Man spoke as he started his ministry.

It is found in Matthew 4:17.

You choose to wander in chains if you wish, or seek him, and be free.

You will come to know him when you look for him.

When you repent, you will be set free.

Agreeing with God happens once; or will you disagree with him at all— ever?

To disagree with God is to not repent, and to not repent is to live in chains.

You will know freedom when it happens for how can one meet God, and not know it?

That soul is free indeed.

Are you free?

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