September 18, 2016

An unadulterated delight

"Delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart," Psalm 37:4

Delight- high degree of pleasure, enjoyment, rapture

Our two-year-old grand-daughter can squeal with delight at the sight of jelly beans, ice cream, and butterflies. She finds great joy in those things, so it seems. She gets animated as her eyes dance at the beloved items, or at God's creation, but I take her expressions of joy with a grain of salt, while at the same time, I find them precious. What can such a young one really know of love, and great joy?

I'm a bit skeptical. 

But she said something recently that I'm sure she really meant.

Unprovoked, and as I sat rocking her, she said, "I love my Gaga."

I had just fed her pasta, which she loves, and ice cream with chocolate syrup, which she loves.

But I want to believe that in her two-year-old heart, she really loves me, her Gaga.

I don't want to think that it is because of all the "catering" I do to, and for, her.

I want to think that she loves me just because she chooses to do that.

But, deep down, I know better.

Do you delight in the Lord?

If so, why?

Do you find him to be more precious than gold?

Is he sweeter than the honeycomb to you?

Has he set you free from the bondage that is sin?

To be free from sin is to love the freedom-giver.

The one set free no longer looks to anything of this world to bring them joy.

Simply put, nothing can compare.


The heart desires nothing more once freedom is known.

Children, grand-children, gold, health, homes, vacations, promotions, and you name it, turn pale.

In the light of his grace, in him alone, may you find delight.

When you do, the desires of your heart change.

You'll only want, to the core, and very depth of your soul, that others will know him.

You'll fervently pray for that for others.

You'll work only to that end all the days of your life, in whatever capacity He brings your way.

You'll love unconditionally, never demanding your way, never seeking more stuff, but only that others will know him, and know freedom, and that will be the desire of your heart, and you'll be at rest, striving for nothing but that others be free, and know God, and you'll delight in God alone.

You'll tell him that you love him, and you will not be speaking falsely.

You're lip-service will turn from words easily spoken into a body offered as a daily sacrifice.

You'll love him with all your heart, and your "neighbor" too.

Jesus came to set men free.

For no other reason do his followers live.

The desires of the redeemed are boiled down, filtered, and purified.

They take great joy in the Lord.

"May others know you, Lord, and may they be set free, and find joy in you, and you alone."

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