August 20, 2016

Why the redeemed aren't offended

To be offended by the words, or actions of others is to first have judged the heart of the other one.

Did your husband say something in the "wrong" way, and your feelings got hurt?

Has your friend not made an attempt to contact you, and you think she does not love you?

When that clerk, checking out your groceries, asked if you qualified for the 60+ discount for the day, then did you think her insensitive, and lacking in tact, and then did you treat her like a dog?

To take offense in those situations, one would have needed the ability to know the intent of the other.

No human has that ability.

You can question the intent of someone's heart, but is that yours to do?

What is the intent of your questioning?

Is it then to pass judgment on the words spoken, and to believe them or not, and are you the judge?

God does not need to judge the intent of our hearts, for he knows them.

God knows your heart.

No one else does except as you reveal it in your words, and actions.

Even if your words and deeds are spotless, you will be judged, at times, by some, and maybe most, as having impure motives, and a lack of this or that, and the most loving actions will be misconstrued.

Someone will judge you.

But just like Jesus, the redeemed will take that with a heart of love, and they will humbly go on.

They will not return evil for evil, for judging others is always evil.

We are commanded not to do it by Jesus, so to do it is sin.

That's why the redeemed aren't offended.

They don't succumb to sin, for God will not allow the temptation to be too strong.

See I Corinthians 10:13 to see that laid out in black and white.

Do you believe it?

Do you believe that God will not allow a temptation to be too strong for his children?

Do you yield to being offended?

Do you get your feelings hurt?

Do you think that others could be, and should be, more you?

Do you find words, spoken to you, need to be just so-so, or you turn a cold shoulder?

If so, then it is because you desire to be offended, and hurt, and to turn a cold shoulder.

Turning cold to anyone is not love; Jesus never turned cold to anyone; neither do those who love him.

See John 3:19.

It tells us that evil (and judging is evil) is done because of a love for it (evil, or darkness).

Can an evil tree, and a good tree coexist in a person?

Matthew 7:17 tells us that cannot happen.

We do not sin, and then hold anyone else accountable.

God knows your heart.

What does he know about it?

Has it agreed with God concerning sin?

Concerning offense?

And hate, and love, and fasting, and judging, and gossip, and slander, and praise, and fashion?

The redeemed are not offended because they die to self daily as commanded.

They know from whence they have been saved, and they simply rejoice, and are glad.

Are you?

Is your heart dark, or light?

Do you speak truth, love truth, obey truth, or do you go about judging the intent of others?

It will not, cannot be, both residing inside your heart.

It's one or the other.

Never both.

Do not be deceived.

Your songs of praise, your daily five minutes, or five hours in the Word, and your attendance at church, Bible studies, casting out of demons, or good works avail nothing if your heart is not completely pure wrought about through repentance, and being born completely new, never to be the same again, ever, for what king would set up a kingdom and then share space— certainly not God.


You are a good tree who bears good fruit, or you are a bad tree bearing bad fruit.

Not both.

You walk the narrow road exclusively, or you are on the wide hiway.

You never thirst again, or you are seeking more, and deeper, and all the other strange concoction of words which only mean that you do not know God to start with, for how can one meet God, and then say, "I want more. I'm not satisfied. Just knowing you is not enough."

The redeemed are not offended for their heart is at rest.

Nothing disturbs that rest.

How about you?

Are you always at rest?

If not, why not?

The intent of the redeemed is always to love, and sacrifice, and give.


It's been made new. It's longings are completely different. It's been changed from darkness to light.

Is your heart, the purpose of your every breath, ready, and willing to serve, and do you?

Do you serve?

It's one way or the other.

Not both.

Which way do you travel in this world?

With a chip on your shoulder, or with a heart full of love that pours mercy and grace on others?

The redeemed woman has no time for offense. Besides, it's not in her nature any more.

She stays completely busy loving, and that love will take her to her King some day.

The love that He gave her sustains her. Her goodness is all of him.

He took the shame of her sin, and gave her a tender heart. He made her new.

Does that describe you, or are you still in sin, and take offense, and get your feelings hurt?

The just live by faith (Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38).


Never feelings.

Don't be deceived; it's never both.

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