August 30, 2016

Who's in control?

We, the redeemed, are not pawns in God's hands.

We are not puppets on a string.

We are not doormats who lie on the floor and allow others to with us as they please.

We are branches on a Vine.

We are attached, always, or not at all.

We do not jump off, to sin, and walk the wide road, and then when we are sorry, and have feelings of regret, who then jump back on as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening here to see.

God does see, and God does know you as his own, or as one upon whom his wrath rests (John 3:36).

If you are his, then he sees obedience, and you love him, and do his bidding (I John 5:3).

He sees you tossing off temptations because one only succumbs to temptations that are too strong to overcome, because God will not allow temptations to be too strong for his own (I Cor. 10:13).

He sees the one who yields to him always, for a good tree always bears good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

Who is in control of your days, your moments, your heart?

It will be God alone, or not at all.

If he is in control, then the days of your life can throw what they will at you, and you stand.


For in the Vine, one is able to abide, and walk with a sure foot, for God's power is not slack.

There is no shortage of love, patience, and goodness.

There is no behavior that speaks of unkindness in branches who abide.

That soul will not be a door-mat, a pawn, or a puppet, but a loved soul totally submitted to God.

And in that submission, the redeemed woman is broken bread, and poured out wine for others.

She will die serving, and giving, and loving, and more importantly she lives to love, give, and serve.

Why is Scripture written?

It is to expose the heart condition of those who profess to believe on the Son of God.

Do you say that you believe on him?

Do your actions, and the words you say comport to what Scripture says they must?

Then you have eternal life.

The Words of Scripture are definitive.

They are not wishy-washy; they are black and white.

When they are read, then one can examine their heart.

Is what you read occurring in your life?

If not, then no matter that you say you believe, you really don't.

That is what I John 5:13 tells us.

Do you really have eternal life?

If so, then your life is one where obedience to love happens.

God is in control and your heart loves— always.

Or do you love others only when you have had enough sleep?

And do you love only some, and not others?

And only when no one cuts you off in traffic?

Or when the husband always behaves as a good husband should?

Or when the climate is perfect?

And when you don't sweat, and you're not hungry, and your feet, back, and head don't hurt?

Or when your "world" is nice to you, and understands you, and gives to you— first?

Either God is good through you always, or he is not good through you at all.

Good trees.

What do they always produce?

Do you believe what the Word says about that?

If not, then you are in control, and you will believe the Word as you deem proper.

Or you will see your sin of not believing.

Repent, if you will, come to your senses, if you will, and be resolved, if you will.

Then God will be in control, and you will be filled with love (Romans 5:5).

And God will be Sovereign, and he will be in total control, or nothing at all to you.

God does not share his Spirit with the spirit of darkness.

He does not put new wine into an old wine skin (Mark 2:22).

He makes a soul brand new, and shines his light into a soul, and the darkness is gone— for good.

John 1:5 tells us that darkness cannot overcome the light that is shed abroad into a soul.

If a soul is in the light, then they are in the light always for darkness is too weak to take over again.

The one who is attached to the Vine has God's spirit of love flowing through them always.

That soul does not belong to themselves ever again.

God has them.

That branch bends, and sways, and produces good fruit.

Only good fruit.

Love only behaves ONE way.

It behaves in a good way. It produces good fruit. It is goodness personified always to others.

Who's in control of your life?

It will be continuous light, or the wide highway of darkness, and wandering, and trying.

The life lived with God is not a life of trying.

He does the goodness through the repentant; they do not have to try.

There is no confusion, or depression, or fretting in the redeemed.

Only good fruit.

Do you believe?

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