August 16, 2016

Who needs it?

Unconditional love.

Who deserves it?

Not a one of us.

Who needs it?

Everyone of us.

Who will give it?

Only the repentant.


They know from whence they have come.

From whence have they come?

Out of the miry clay. Out of bondage. Out of slavery.

They are free.

They are free from sin. They are free to love. They are heaven-bound.

That is on their minds most all day long, for heaven is their home, and they stay home-sick.

One of the only things that keeps them from languorous behavior is others.

They see all others as needing the touch of the Redeemer, and they do all they can to assist.

They tend. They water. They are gentle, and kind, and long-suffering.

The sins of others they dwell not on except in prayer.

They bear the burdens of others.

They weep when they weep, and rejoice when they rejoice.

What about you?

Do you need unconditional love?

Do you give it?

Do you hesitate?

Do the sins of others cause you to recoil, back away, and stay away?

If so, then you know not of redeeming love.

Redeeming love is known in repentance, and repentance is agreeing with God about your sin.

Your sin is not just something that you deal with until you are better.

Your sin keeps you from resting in the arms of God, and being heard by God, and your sin keeps you from loving others fully, and always.


Agree with God.

Sin is vile.

Selfishness, greed, gossip, hate, anger, bitterness, and slander are evil.

Agree with God that you do not love, but that you hate, not only what others do, but others, all others.

A little hate affects, permeates, and leavens the whole lump.

Go your own way if that is what you want, or repent.

Walk the narrow road, and you'll see who needs love.



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