August 17, 2016

Whom do you daily love?

The one whom you feed, you love.

The one whom you tend, you love.

The one whom you patiently serve, you love.

Whom would that be for you?

Is it yourself?

That is needful.

Along with loving yourself, be reminded that you are to love others just like you love yourself.

Do you speak of your sins to others?

Do you gossip about yourself to your neighbor?

Do you slap yourself around when you sin, and think that you are a no-good so-and-so?

What about others?

Jesus told no one of the sins of anyone else.

Jesus was not a gossip.

Jesus fed people who used him for the free meal, and then took off without saying a word of thanks.

Then they most likely came back around the next time the word got out that he was feeding everyone.

Yet he continued to feed, and bless, and speak truth all at the same time.

His message of repentance never changed even as he was patient with everyone.

What about you?

What is your message?

"Change and then I'll love you!"

"Ask me for forgiveness, and then I will love you."

"Be consistent in most every area, if not every area, of your life, and then we can talk about love."

If those are your thoughts, then you know not of the grace of God in your life given upon repentance.

You are thinking that you are pretty good, and everyone else does not measure up to

The log has not been plucked from your eye.

You are not seeing clearly.

That happens only upon repentance, for sin blinds, and binds, always, and sin keeps one from God.


As a truly repentant soul, you do not take one step toward the Father, and two steps back, and then try again, over, and over, as if your effort would make a difference in that relationship.

The only thing you offer in the relationship with God is a sin-sick soul.

Once you see your sin for what it is, and agree with God about it, he washes you, fills you, and you are never the same again, and if you think differently, then how is it that one can meet God, and still decide to sin, and go back into chains, and enjoy anything of this world...after they have met GOD?

It doesn't happen that way.

Have you ever met anyone on earth, and thought, "WOW! They are awesome. They are a good example! I need to read more of their books! If I were their neighbor, then I'd be very happy!"

God is not simply awesome, a good example, and he has written a book, and he is more than a neighbor to the one who meets him.

That soul is blessed above and beyond what the imagination can know.

Now. If that is true, then how is one not completely, once and for all changed after meeting God?

God does not ever see you in your sin. Never. That won't happen.

If you claim to be saved, and then say that you still sin, then do you think that you, when you sin, are then hiding from God, and playing a game in some sordid way where he sees you, and then he can't?

It's time to study the Word and know exactly what sin is, and what it does always in everyone.

Who is it that you love?

If you are simply abiding in this life waiting on someone to love you, as you continue to feed yourself, bathe, and get your rest, then you only truly love yourself.

If that is the case, then you live in disobedience, for God commands you to do otherwise.

What will you continue to do?

One cannot rest on laurels. One is daily commanded to die to self, and serve. Do you?

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