August 19, 2016

What's it like?

What's it like for a man to have a wife who loves him, and helps him?

His life is easier, not harder.

Less stressful, not more.

A joy, not a burden.

But you may be thinking, "I have needs, and rights, and wants too!"

The woman, who loves God, obeys him.

Do you say that you love God?

Then you are folding your husband's laundry, after you wash it, and you are putting it away too.

You will be keeping house, and fixing his meals, and washing his plate.

If he needs clothing, then you'll be shopping for him.

When he needs help, then you'll be the one his heart can trust to do just that.

That is God's design. If you want to argue with anyone about the set-up, then speak to him.

But if you are not being obedient to his Word, then he won't be hearing you, so save your breath.

If you are not loving, serving, and caring for your husband, then you love not God.

That is what the Word declares.

Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Study it.

Find where it says that those who really love God, obey him.

See what it says about a woman's place in the home.

Look up all the passages about a wife's duties.

Or is the Bible old-fashioned, and you have needs, and you don't like to do dishes?

Which road do you walk?

Is it wide, and do you make decisions on it?

Or is it narrow, and as you walk it, you simply obey?

You will not be walking both roads.

A good tree does ONE thing, and one thing exclusively.

Do the research.

Study to be approved, not by me, or anyone else, but by God.

Will you?  Do you follow Jesus? In following him, one is obedient.

One also finds that they just might be disobedient.

In that case, repent.

Or continue to walk the wide road filled with destruction, failure, and death.

What's it like to walk with the Lord on the narrow road?

It's like being a full-time helper.

Is that you?

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