August 1, 2016

What has love got to do with it?

Would you say that you've been born again?

If so, then to whom do you show love?

Is it the gal at the check-out counter, and you would say that you love her because you spoke kindly?

Is it the man who is begging at the corner, and you say that you love because you gave him $10?

Is it the orphan in a far-away country to whom you send $25 a month?

That's all fine and good, but how about this:

Are you loving toward your husband, who may have cheated on you, lied to you, and about whom you would say has no concept of love because he does not show it to you?

Will you always love that "neighbor" who is always cranky?

How about the souls who are so very needy, and God picked you to show them love?

Toward them are you kind, and patient, and long-suffering?

Will they be saying of you, "She showed me love, simply love, all of my days."

Have you been shown love, given love, and been made new by love?

Will you then say that you cannot love a man who does not know of love yet?

Whom will you love who has not known of love?

Only the stranger to whom you can toss a coin?

Only the ones you do not see on a daily basis?

Only the ones who give you respect, and while you would not admit it, they give you love in return?

Jesus walked with men who said that they would follow him to death, and none of them did.

He loved them.

Without hesitation, without delay, without being loved in return, Jesus loved.

Those, who claim to have been changed by him, and who follow him, will love as he loved.

What has love got to do with your salvation?

It is the proof of it.

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