August 9, 2016

What do you want me to believe?

The words that we say about a diet, a recipe, a certain type home, pillow, hairbrush, variety of peach, or asparagus, or birdhouse, bird, dog breed, carpet, cake mixes, canning jars, or elective surgeries, yes, you name it, what we say about anything, everything, and everyone will, perhaps, influence the thoughts of others concerning all of the above, and more, much more.

Do you think that the low-carb diet is the way to go?

Or maybe you are a strict Weight Watcher fan.

Whichever one that it is, if indeed you have an opinion, then you will be touting it.

What do you think about God?

How does one know him?

Did Jesus come to set mankind free?

If so, then from what are we free?

Are you free?

Do you love your husband?

Do you love your sister?

Your child?

The words that we say to our neighbor will, again perhaps, sway them.

What do your words reflect?

They reflect your heart.

Do you say that you love your mother, and yet never speak kindly of her, and always find a way to express a lot, or a little, disapproval of her to your girlfriend, your confidant, as if it is okay to express yourself to a "confidant" because, after all, everyone needs to blow off steam.

The world will tell you that.

What does the Word say about expressing yourself to a confidant?

On what do you base the decisions you make concerning the words that you speak?

Do you know that Jesus said that we will give an account of every idle word we speak (Matt. 12:36)?

Do you believe it?

Every idle (frivolous, baseless, vain) word?

Recently a pastor's wife told me that the Lord is not up in the heavens with a big chalkboard waiting for me to mess up some way so he can write that down.

I would agree that God needs no chalkboard.

His memory is like none other.

But let's not kid ourselves, nor be deceived, nor walk in chosen ignorance.

Your words, and my words, reflect our hearts, and we will be asked to give an account of them.

Has your heart been made new?

If so, then your words are new.

They will be filled with love towards the husband, the sister, and the neighbor, and not just sometimes, but always.

If you believe not, and choose to let your lips speak as they wish, then what will you say about them in the end?

"I couldn't help it."

"He was so mean to me!"

"I was betrayed."

The unkind words must equal up to perfection somehow.

In giving an "account" one side must somehow equal the other side.

The "other side" is perfection— where Jesus will be standing.

And on your side, do you think that you'll be able to point to the place in your heart where Jesus 'lives" as if to say, "There you are, Jesus! See where I invited you in, and asked you to live? There is my perfection. Can you see yourself in there? What? What is that you say? Are you asking me about those words that I spoke just before drawing my last breath? You mean where I said that my husband is a no-good person? And my mom was a horrible mother? And ...."

How is that reconciled?

What do you want me to believe, and on what do you base your beliefs?

Well, believe it or not, your mouth will be telling me, and others.

Listen carefully to what you are saying.

Your heart is being revealed.

Has it been made perfect?

In what way?

Is it sometimes perfect, and other times not?


Study. Don't be deceived. God, his word, and his way will not be mocked.

What do you want me to believe about what you believe?

If there is nothing there, nothing of import will be spoken.

If there is disdain for others, then I will be hearing it, and more importantly, God hears.

Chalkboard, or no chalkboard, we had best be listening to our words.

They reveal the thoughts of the mind, and the intent of the heart.

Being in Christ means being swallowed up in his mindset— completely.

What he speaks, the one consumed by him, speaks.

They follow him.



Do you?

If so, tell me so that I will believe it.

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