August 14, 2016


I cannot get past the annoying thought that is so prevalent in Christian talk these days.

And what is that you might ask?

The prevailing phraseology, not found in Scripture, but abounding just about everywhere, which is that in the life of a Christian, that saved soul, must try to live for the Lord.

Listen closely, and read carefully, when it comes to teaching, and preaching that you hear and read.

Can you think of anywhere that the Lord, or Paul, or anyone else in Scripture indicated that one must try to live for God, and love others, and obey the commands?

Did Jesus say, "Try to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too!"

It sounds like one could almost add, "And good luck with that!"

When one is told to "try" to do anything the door is left open for failure.

To the out-of-shape, a friend might encourage, "Try to walk at least one mile a day."

To the one who has little self-control, a counselor could admonish, "Try to not drink too much."

To the one who is bitterly angry, a pastor may say, "Try to love your husband."


Is that the message found in the Word?

To "try" means to attempt to accomplish something.

God does not say, "Attempt to love your neighbor!"

Almost sounds like, "Give it your best shot!"

To the contrary, God commands, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

When God commands something, it must be accomplished.

One does not endeavor, and try, and pull up the boot-straps, and try again, and on and on until...

Until when?

Is it through our effort that we obey God?

Is it of us that we accomplish love?

If so, then can we boast?


If I DO IT, then IT IS OF ME!

If God does it, then it is NOT of me.

How is it that God does "love" through me?

The power of his spirit is given to the repentant.

That person no longer lives for self.

They belong to ANOTHER.

That soul WILL NOT boast, cannot boast, and they do NOT want to boast, and they know that if their loving of others had been left up to them, then it would NOT get done.

The redeemed have been bought with a price, and they do NOT belong to themselves.

They KNOW it.

They've been set FREE of themselves, and they do not want to belong to themselves ever again.

And they won't.

They are told to "Stand" over and over again, and they do.

The are not told to "try" for that is what they were doing BEFORE they repented of trying to love.

Go ahead and keep trying if you wish.

You will fail.

Love ALWAYS behaves a certain way.

It says so in Scripture.

Believe Scripture or keep trying.

Which way will you go?


And you will not be trying to choose.

You choose with every move you make which way you will live.

Will it be for God, or self?

With EVERY step you take, you will be walking with him, or choosing to walk as you think good.

His way is perfect, and on the narrow road, one walks perfectly.


In love, and through the power of him who saves, utterly, and fully, and then sets free.

And God will not allow you to be tempted more than it is in you to say "no" to the temptation.

Read I Corinthians 10:13 and see if I misquoted it.

God does NOT allow something, and the "something" that he does not allow is too strong of a temptation to come onto his child.

He does not allow it.

Read carefully. Listen carefully. Your life depends on it.

And don't just "try" because God commands absolute obedience.

Do you believe that?

Is it true?

Do you live absolutely in obedience to loving God, and neighbor?

You must.

He commands it.

If you say, "How can I do that?"

The answer is in repentance.

Stop and agree with God about the sin that you do.

He will set you FREE.

Do you want to be well?  Do you want to be free? Or do you want to keep trying?

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