August 19, 2016

The new law

You may be tempted to think that it important to tell your child, "Don't steal. Don't lie. Don't cheat."

But Jesus summed up all the law into a new law that is simpler to say, and remember.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Bear the burdens of others and fulfill all the law.

Love God with all your heart.

When you love someone, then you do not steal from them, lie to them, or cheat on them.

When you love God, then you do not use his name in vain, or seek earthly treasures.

When you bear burdens, then you are dying to self, and in so doing, you are doing the whole law.

You are perfect.

To believe that you want your child to not steal, lie, or cheat, and then they will be "good" is to not fulfill the whole law, for a person, who loves NOT God, can tell the truth, never steal, nor cheat.

The one who loves God with all that is in them will never cheat, steal, or lie, for they will be loving.

What is easier, to not steal, or to love the unlovely?

It is easier to not steal. Just sit home. But in reality, if you sit home, then you are stealing.

You will be keeping to yourself all your effort, time, and energy, and you will not be serving.

But those, who are redeemed, don't sit at home, and keep to themselves.

They let their lights so shine that others will bring glory to God.

That is the new law. It is really the old law summed up into a doable duty —if one is in the Vine.

According to Jesus, the ones who pray are not necessarily in the Vine.

The ones who do GREAT things for God are not necessarily in the Vine.

The ones who cast out demons are not necessarily in the Vine.

Only the ones who do the will of the Father are in the Vine.

Those who are doing the will of the Father are loving on others, and do so daily.

The new law is written on their heart. They never forget it. They do it.

Do you?

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