August 15, 2016

Teaching with a kind tongue

Consider a woman who does not love her husband.

Will she care how "love your husband" is spoken?

If those words are said with a smile, then does it make any difference?

How about if the words are written (and they are), then can she "hear" how they were relayed?

Whoever speaks the words of the Word is speaking kindness.

If they are said forcefully, with, or without a smile on the face, it matters not.

The truth of the Word is pleasant to the ones who want to hear.

If a woman doesn't desire to love her husband, then no amount of sugar-coating the words will matter.

How would one sugar-coat the Word anyhow?

Does it need any sugar-coating at all?

In sugar-coating the Word, then is one changing it?

Truth is truth no matter how it is spoken.

If a yellow-jacket is about to land on you, and do its damage, and you don't see it, but I do, then would you want me to consider how you would like to hear about the damage about to be done?

Should I think about how you would "feel" about being told?

Is it wise to hesitate?

What would you want me to do?

If I were to raise my voice concerning the yellow-jacket, then would you take offense, and say that you would prefer to be spoken to differently, and then you will listen?

How foolish is the one who lives by how they feel about truth.

God does not ask us how we "feel" about loving our husbands, neighbors, and anyone, and everyone.

He says to do it.

In trying to do it, and failing, we see the hate that is in us.

We see the angst we have toward anyone, and everyone, if given half a chance.

Just "cross" the one who you think is angelic, but has not love, and see what happens.

Yellow-jacket behavior follows.

Do you know how your husband likes his coffee, or tea?

Do you prepare it for him, with love, and serve him as you would if Jesus were in your home?

Or do you just not care how your husband, or anyone else, likes anything?

Do you want to know how I would ask that of you to your face?

I would not be asking that of you.

God is.

"Do you care?" can be translated, "Do you love?"

If so, then you will have been washed in grace, and filled with love like a river.

That type love does not, and cannot, be stopped.

If your love comes, and goes, and starts, and stops, then you are of this world, for they do that.

The love of God poured into a heart upon repentance is never-ending, and always loving.

If not, then what is the use of the Spirit who is given to the redeemed?

I will not tell you that you are always able to love, not if you have not repented.

You can't always love if you have not repented of hate.

I will not tell you to keep trying.

Love is not an exercise one does, like doing sit-ups, the more you do, the more you can do, and if you stop doing sit-ups (and loving others), then you can't do sit-ups (and love others).

That is foolishness.

Love is not like that.

I will tell you that you cannot love until you repent.

God, through his Spirit, does "love" through you, always, or never.

A good tree.


What does a good tree always do?

And if it always does one thing, can it ever do another?

The teaching of kindness is sharing the Word, and letting the spirit of God do what only he can do.

Tell the truth.

For only the truth sets free, and don't add anything to it. No sugar-coating. Freedom waits.

Jesus came not to bring peace, but a sword, and his sword cuts to the intent of hearts.

What is the intent of your heart right now?

Service, or being served?

Showing kindness, or making sure everyone shows you kindness?

Letting love flow through you, or insisting that your husband love you as you demand?

Always good fruit, or rotten.

Which one describes your life?

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