August 23, 2016

Most everyone that you see

Many people walk the wide road.

Many are lost.

Many do not have eternal life.

The redeemed have eternal life now. It is not something that waits. Eternal life begins at repentance.

Many haven't repented.

Many still sin.

To sin is to not love God with all the heart, nor the neighbor as oneself.

Why do people not want to repent?

They do not believe that they hate others.

They cannot fathom that hate resides inside of them.

To lie is to hate.

To steal is to hate.

To covet is to hate.

To envy is to hate.

To hoard is to hate.

To gossip is to hate.

To judge is to hate.

To not be obedient to the words of Jesus?

That is sin.

Sin equals hate, and disbelief, and sin is a choice to live life as one wishes.

Most everyone is choosing to not obey the Word.

What do you choose to do?

On a regular basis, are you obedient?

Would you say that it is perhaps 50% of the time that you love others as commanded?

What portion of your day is spent in doing as you choose?

Where is your mind most of the time?

Do you dwell on hurts, and slights, and the sins of others?

If so, then you are just like the world, for they not only keep track, they plan on getting even.

Do you?

Do you withhold kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, patience, and blessings unless one measures up, and makes things right with you for the wrong that you perceive that they have done to you?

Can you find in Scripture where anyone owes you anything?

On the other hand, can you find in Scripture where you are to do for others?

To serve, or be served.

Which life do you live?

Are you looking out for #1 (yourself), or are you sold out to the cause of bringing in the lost?

Who will go to hell?


Where are the harvesters?

Are you one? Are you praying that they will make themselves known? Do you know what they will be saying? Will it be, "Do all you can to get the most out of life!" or "Look out for yourself!" or "Don't let people walk on you!" or "Hold people accountable!" or ....what?

What is the gospel message?

Most everyone that you see does not know what it is.

Will you spend precious time fiddling while Rome burns?

Do you believe that hell is real?

How much time do you spend praying for the lost?

Is your prayer time fervent, or frivolous, or not much at all?

Are you really familiar with what Scripture says about sin, and the wrath of God?

Have you become weary of the Word?

Have you not hidden its words in your heart?

Has it become sour to you?

Or is it not only sweet, but sweeter than the honeycomb (Psalm 19:10)?

We have honey bees. I thought that honey was sweet. But I have come to love the honeycomb.

It is my favorite.

It is sweeter to me than honey.

But the honeycomb sets no one free.

The Word does.

I can live without the honeycomb, but not the Word.

What about you?

Are you free?

If so, then from what are you free?

What is your testimony?

What would you tell someone, should they ask, about what God has done for you?

Is it old news?

"He saved me back in the good ole days."

Yes, so how is your life different?


Do you love everyone?


Do you ever lie, steal, or gossip?


Most everyone that you see lies, steals, and gossips.

Do you?

How are you any different than most everyone that you see?

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