August 21, 2016

Is that the gospel message?

I've heard it said (by Sarah Bessey) that if you will just live like you are loved the radical discipline of your life, then you will see transformation. (In other words, be very disciplined in your life, and even though you may have no one loving on you, well, it makes no difference, just live like you are, or pretend, and then transformation will occur, which I'm guessing she means rebirth will happen).

Does that sound like the gospel message?

Are those words found in the Word?

Do you know the gospel message?

Can you be fooled by sweet sounding fodder?

For everyone, redemption is needed— right?

How does that happen?

Every life needs to be changed, transformed, fixed— right?

Why is there that need?

Because of sin— right?

How is it that one is born new?

Do you know?

Can you explain it?

Has a new birth happened to you?

Is it instantaneous, or does it take time, and if if takes time, then in the interim time, where you are being born new, do you, can you continue to sin, and if so, how much sin can you do?

Once you are reborn, then do you continue to sin, and if so, how much sin can you do?

These questions are not presented out of a urgency to just get under your skin or provoke you to confusion, but to test you to see if you truly know the gospel message.

Do you?

How does it work?

How do you explain it?

If you have been set free, then from what are you free?

If you are free from sin, then do you still sin?

If so, how can you say that you are free?

Sarah Bessey will also tell you that you that to eat at the banquet table then it is just fine to be unhealthy in your mind.

Does that mean that I can be vile and go to heaven? Does that mean that the prodigal son stayed in the pig-sty, and still enjoyed fellowship with the Father? I don't see that in the Word.

She says that you don't have to be productive, which does not square with producing fruit which Scripture tells us definitively occurs when one abides in the Vine.

She also says that God is always wanting to bring your life into line with who you were meant to be.


Where is that found in Scripture?

It's sounds exciting, and appeals to the soul, but seriously, what are we "meant" to be?

Is the gospel message about me?

Scripture says that we are to be perfect.

It also says we are to do something— love God fully, and the neighbor too.

Is the gospel message, "Be all that you can be" and does that sound eerily like what the world says?

I've asked her for answers to these questions, and if I should hear back from her, then I will tell you.

But I don't think that I will hear from her.

Sin and repentance were not mentioned in the sermon that I heard her preach.

How is one saved without knowing of sin, and repenting from it?

Can one know that sin is destructive, and deadly, and that one must repent, and not speak of it?

Can that happen?

It is time to study to be approved by God.

Do you know the gospel message?

Are you speaking it?

If not, then what fills your mouth?

Look at your heart, your thoughts, and observe your deeds.

They will tell you what you love.

We are commanded to love God totally, and the neighbor as ourselves.

We do that only by repenting of hate.

We are redeemed by being washed after repenting of hate.

Have you been washed clean?

If not, then you have not repented of hate.

Contend with God.

Ask of him.

Seek him.

Know him.

Don't seek to be all that you can be, or you'll love only yourself, and you might gain the world, but you'll lose your soul, and you'll go about desperate for peace, and you will continue to worry, and not love your husband, but demand that he love you, and you will not know God, and you'll perish in sin.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).

That is the gospel message.

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