August 12, 2016

If you believe

All things work together for good.

We've all heard that one.

But do you believe it?

If so, then how is it that anyone, who claims to be redeemed, and radically changed, and born new, would fuss, complain, or doubt God's love, and care for them?


I really want to know.

If one truly believed that their beloved would never leave them, always provide for them, always show them love, always have their back, and would find a way to make everything, everything, everything work for their favor, then would their be any strife? Ever? Not if one really believed.

If I believe that eating poison will kill me, then I won't eat poison. Ever. It won't happen.


I believe.

Well, what about accepting a truth from God?

Do I dance around it?

Used to do that.

Look at it from a distance, and kick at it to see if it is real?

Did that too.

At times, did I profess what was not a fact in my life?


And then I repented of my unbelief, and all things changed.

All things became new.

Rest comes to the one who agrees with God, and then all things work together for their good.

Yep. All things.

Do you believe it?

Do you still fuss?



The two do not go hand-in-hand.

But to those who believe, he gave the right to become the sons of God.

Oh how marvelous.

Oh how wonderful.

My Savior's love for me satisfies my every longing, and his hand is not slack concerning his promises, and he has said that all things work together to him who believes.

Do you believe it?

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