August 7, 2016

"Go ugly early"

I cannot remember where I heard that saying but it was in reference to a man, who is interested in a woman, but does not know her really well yet, to, in essence, "cross" her some how, some way.

You know what I'm talking about ?

Like he is supposed to tell her "no," or contradict her, or challenge her in some way.

Why would he do that?

To see what her reaction would be to his behavior that is not constantly telling her "yes," and you are beautiful, and what would you like to do next, Princess?

I did not tell my boys, nor my son-in-law, to do that, because unless it is warranted, then it is unkind.

All of that said to ask: Can you be challenged? By your husband? Can your ideas be shot down?

Can you proven to be wrong?

Do you seek to know if you are wrong?

Do you think you are always right?

That makes me think of some pillowcases I saw recently for married couples.

On one of them is printed, "Mr. Right," and on the other is printed, "Mrs. (always) Right."

Does that make you chuckle?

It did me, but there was a time when that was the case.

I had to always be right.

Jesus never met anyone, and then told them, "You're alright."

He was always after the intent of the heart.

Jesus challenged, and challenges, who we are deep down inside of us.

The part that comes to life, and is exposed, when we are challenged!

What is the intent of your heart?

Is it to know God, or to always be right?

Is it to know God, or have stuff?

Is it to know and love God, or is it to force someone to love you, do for you, and be entertained?

One might say that the mission of Jesus was to "go ugly early" for his message straight out of the gate after fasting for forty days, and being sorely tempted was, "Repent." (see Matthew 4:17)

Repent means that you need to change.

What needs to change?

The way you think about the sin that you do.

His message has not changed, and it is far from ugly.

It is a message, that if heeded, brings beauty from an ash-heap.

But to repent, one must agree that they are ugly in sin, and are dead in their trespasses.


Want to think that you are a Princess, or the Queen of your home?

If you have not repented, then you are a "dead in your sins" Princess, or Queen.

That type stink.

They stink at love, for they only give love, kindness, and gentleness if treated a "certain" way.

That is so easy, and those who live that way always fail completely, and live inconsistent lives.

Love is not love unless it is consistent.

The road Jesus commands that we walk is narrow.

On the narrow road, sin is called for what it is.

Repentance is needed, required, and commanded, in order to walk it.

Do you think that you can walk it any other way?

Jesus is telling you that that will not, and does not, happen.

Can you be crossed?

Can you be told that you are wrong?

Can you understand that to believe in Jesus is to do EXACTLY as he commands?

Finally, do you "go ugly" on others who tell you what you do not want to hear?

Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword (Matthew 10:34).

His words will cut you where you need to be pruned, and in the healing of your heart, joy grows.

Follow him. He will take you to God. You will repent, and then you will know him.

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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