August 18, 2016

Do you ever run dry?

"...but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." (John 4:14)


Never means that something won't happen again.

At no time, and absolutely not to any extent or degree, will the one who drinks from the well that Jesus gives ever find themselves in need for anything.

Comfort when sad, or frightened?

It is provided, and that soul fears not, nor wallows in depression.


The repentant have it.



The Bible is very to the point.

It is not wishy-washy at all.

It uses words like "never" and "always."

And a spring of water flows always in the one who has repented, and truly believes.

Or would Jesus save a soul, and then toss them back into sin?

Or would the one saved from deprivation, decay, and death choose to go back in to any of that?

The one who drinks what Jesus commands, and offers is NEVER thirsty ever again.

Are you thirsty?

If so, then study the Word, and seek God, and do not be deceived.

You may say that you believe in Jesus, but are you thirsty?

The two don't jive. It cannot be the case. That doesn't happen.

To believe in Jesus is to do ALL that he says to do, and to do it always.

Do you?

If not, then you do not believe in him, or his words, for obedience follows true belief, and true belief is a gift given upon repentance of sin, which is to agree with God about the hate you have, the "dislike" for some that you have, the "just putting up with others" that you have, and the lack of a complete love for God that supersedes every other desire this world offers.

Do you dwell on God, and long for heaven, and not just to escape having to love others, but do you long for heaven to be with God, and to worship him forever?

Are you a "well of water" to your family, your friends, and neighbors?

Do you run dry? If so, then you are working under your own power. You will continue to fail.

God is all-powerful, and gives to those who repent, his very Spirit, not just to use when one "feels" like it, or "feels" weak, or "feels" angry, for the redeemed do not live by what they "feel" but by faith, and they do that always, and never experience thirst, for a well-spring flows continuously in them.

How about you?

Do you believe John 4:14? Or will you water down the verse about the water Jesus offers?

To the one who drinks his message of repentance, and follows him, they NEVER are thirsty.

That's what John 4:14 tells us.

The redeemed want for nothing more of anything. They are content. They are always at rest.

Are you?

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