August 17, 2016

Concerning your eye

"The eye is the lamp of the body. 
So, if your eye is healthy,
your whole body will be full of light."
(Matthew 6:22)

What is a lamp?

It is a source of light.

What is a source?

It is a place of origin.

What is light?


What makes up a body?

Spirit. Soul. Physicality.

The eye is the place of origin for illumination for everything that makes up a person.

What do your eyes read?

What do your eyes watch?

What do your eyes see?

Do you read trashy novels, or watch seductive TV shows, and do your eyes seek out worldliness?

What light is brought into your body by your eyes?

Scripture is called light.

Light allows us to see while in darkness.

In your sin, you can come into the light if you read the Word.

You will find in the Word that you've been commanded to repent.

You will find in the Word that God will not hear you when you have sin in you.

You will find in the Word that when you truly believe the Word, then you have no fear.

The Word says that when your eye is healthy (seeing as God sees), then you are completely whole.

Someone who is completely whole does not sin.

Sin, in a body, brings with it destruction, for sin is always evil, and brings with it, death.

Joy dies. Strength dies. Love dies.

But the woman whose eye is healthy?

She is whole, wanting nothing, needing no one to tend to her, for her God sustains her.

His hand is not slack in any way, shape, or form.

He supplies her every need.

She needs to love her husband, and she does.

She needs to not complain, and she does not fuss, but has a continuously grateful heart.

She needs to serve the one in the ditch, and the ones not in the ditch, and so it happens.


She is healthy.

Getting older? Yes. Creaking joints? Yes. Aching back? Yes.

But full of hope, and love, and grace, and longing for heaven while she serves here on earth.

How about YOU?

Is your eye healthy?

If not, then according to the Word, your whole body is in darkness.

Don't be deceived.

We are deceived when we do NOT believe the Word.

Believe it or perish.


Be made completely whole.

And then you'll love as commanded.

Then your whole body will be FULL of light.

Your spirit will be saved. Your body will be used for loving service. Your soul will sing.

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