August 24, 2016

Can a Christian have questions?

Can a Christian not hide God's word in their heart?

Can a Christian not have a desire to pray, and not pray fervently when they pray?

Can a Christian continue to sin, and if so, then how long?

Can a Christian commit the sin of homosexuality?

If you would say that they must give that up, then can they commit other sins?

Like adultery, or gossip, or selfishness?

Can they stop the sin of homosexuality, and then later, resume it?

Or would you say that once they give it up, then is it gone for good?

If they can do the work of giving up a sin, then is there a "how to" on giving up on sin in Scripture?

If you think that a person can be free of homosexuality, then can they be free of other sins?

Must they first ask to be free from those other sins, and if so, where is Scripture for that?

Must a Christian forgive everyone even if no one asks?

If not, then can a Christian forgive as they deem necessary, and maybe not at all?

If a Christian must forgive, then when are they to forgive an offender?

Or can a Christian hold onto a "hurt," and if so, how long?

How much sin is allowed in the Christian's life?

Can a Christian never think, or at least not most of the time, about souls headed for hell?

Can a Christian have angst toward anyone, and if so, then, again, for how long?

Is it possible for a Christian to forget to pray to God, or praise the Lord?

If you believe that a Christian still sins, then what type sin can they do?

Does anything go?

If a Christian still sins, then is there a difference between the sin that the saved person does as compared to the sin that a lost person commits?

What keeps a soul out of heaven?

What constitutes being saved?

How would you tell someone about sin in a saved person's life?

Can a Christian use the name of the Lord in vain?

If so, then do they do that whenever they deem appropriate, or once a day, or once a week?

What constitutes repentance?

Can a Christian sin, and then pray to God without confessing that sin first, and will God hear her?

If not, then how does she pray?

Can she use a "blanket" prayer of confession to "cover" her sins so that she is then heard by God?

If so, where is that truth found in the Word?

Can a Christian have a spiritual need?

If yes, then what would it be?

Can a Christian just not feel close to God?

If so, then where is that truth found in the Word?

Can a Christian not have any questions for the Lord?

Can a person be a Christian and nothing of significance change in their life?

If not, then what significantly changes in the life of the one who would say that they are a Christian?

Do the answers to our questions always need to have a basis in the Word?

If you think not, then on what are your answers based?

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