August 20, 2016

Being born again

Does a baby decide when he/she will be born?

That is not how it works.

That begs the question, at least in my mind, does a soul decide when he/she will be born again?

Scripture tells us that God decides that. It is his to determine. What have you, or I, to do with it?

We seek God, if we are obedient.

We study, if we are obedient.

Our sin, and the Holy Spirit, drive us to a point where we either repent, or continue in sin.

In true repentance, where one finally agrees with God about the sin that they do, then one is washed.

Grace fills that soul, and washes them clean.

They know that they are not the same.

The appetite is completely different.

They love everyone.

Grudges? A thing of the past. Hate? No longer exists in them.  It is not a choice they will make.

God keeps them from sin.


The temptation will be there, but it will not be too strong, and the redeemed will choose to love.

That's what I Corinthians 10:13 says.

Never will the saved soul fall into sin after being tempted.


They will be tempted.

At times, and then sometimes, many times, not at all.

But even so, we are taught to pray that even that will not occur.

"Lead us not into temptation."

What is also in the prayers of the redeemed?

"Deliver us from evil."

And they are.

The evil one can only go so far, and then he is dismissed from the life of the one who loves God.

They love God.

They love everyone.

They generously give it. Love does not dry up in the redeemed. It flows like a river (Romans 5:5).

The husband, who loves his wife, will not cheat on her.

The wife, who loves her husband, will help him, and his heart will trust in her.


She is new.

He will know it.

He will see it.

He will reap the benefit of a woman who does not need him to "love" her any special way, for she is full of love, and any kindness he may show her is simply a side-note to her full of love life.

She is eternally grateful to God, and she is a thankful person, and she smiles at the future.

Come what may, it holds no fear, or worries for her.

Scowls, a sharp tongue, and bitterness belong to the old nature.

Sour attitudes, and moodiness?

Old nature.

She, the repentant, and obedient lover of God, is new. She's been made that way— not of her doing.

Being born again happens "to" you, you do not happen to it.

A man, woman, boy or girl do not walk an aisle, and accept Jesus into their heart to be made new.

They must repent.

Jesus commanded it.

See Matthew 4:14.

When they do?

They never thirst again.

That made-new woman simply loves her husband, and helps him.

She no longer demands to have him learn her "love language" whatever that is.

Gary Chapman says that he came to the conclusion that there are five languages of love after many years of marriage counseling. He does not say that he reached those conclusions after studying the Word. He says that some people like to have quality time, some like to be touched, some like gifts, some like acts of service, and some like words of affirmation. Really? Don't we all like ALL of those things? But love is not something that we look to receive from others. We are commanded to give it. 

Love is defined in I Corinthians 13, and in no other way is it expressed by the redeemed.

Love is not demanding— ever.

I used to tell my husband that he needed to show me love by doing "x,y, and/or z" and heaven help him if he got it wrong, and didn't "play" the game of love as I demanded, and I was horribly fickle.

Those days are gone.

Love never seeks its own way.

It is always kind, gentle, and it never brags, or is impatient.

What about you?

Are you a made-new person?

What do you crave? Where is your passion? Whom do you love?

Have you been born-again?

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