August 22, 2016

Armed with grace

"Put on the whole armor of God."
Ephesians 6:11

Armed— having weapons, equipped, fortified

Grace—  manifestation of immunity

Upon whom do you display ill-will, angst, bitterness, hate, or contempt?

That person, if there is one, will be the one (and if there is one, then there really are many) upon whom you would do great physical harm (murder) if you could, for Jesus said that to hate (he never spoke of just not "liking" someone) is to have murder in your heart.

Scripture is very black and white.

God commands love. He never said that we could just "like" some, and "not like" others.

You either love, or you hate, according to Scripture.

Love has peculiar, and particular aspects to it, and unless you display love as described in Scripture to all, and at all times, then you are displaying it to no one. (1 Corinthians 13 tells us what it looks like)

You might be "nice" on occasion.

God does not call us to be nice.

He commands love.

If you think that your little bit of "just not liking some people" is harmless, then you are deceived.

A little leaven affects the whole lump.

Are you fortified to your core with grace to all?

If not, then you have no true grace for any.

To put on the whole armor of God is to be immersed totally in unquestionable love for all.

It is to be wholly armed with grace.

No part of the one, who is wholly equipped in God's grace, is hateful to anyone at all.

No favoritism is shown. Did Jesus display it? No.

Then those who follow him will never show it either.

You say, "That is impossible!"

Yes. Yes, it is impossible. To the unrepentant, it is impossible.

However, to those who are "with God"— all things are possible.

Those who are with God love the liar, the thief, the beggar, the scum, the wayward, the slow, the quick, and the obstinate, for when grace washes the sin-sick repentant heart, that heart then knows of grace, and it flows through them to those who still are exactly as they once were— dead in sin.

Are you alive in grace?

Are every single one of the members of your body alive to grace?

Are you armed with grace?

If so, then your weapons will be a tongue filled with grace, and hands that stretch out with tenderness, and feet that run to serve, and you will be God's soldier always at the ready to spread grace, and you are granting immunity to all, and you hold no ill-will towards anyone, and you simply love, and you know that until death, you will love, and you are free, and you long for heaven for it is your home.

Does that describe you?

If you are not armed with grace, then you are not standing against the wiles of the devil.

You will succumb to hate, ill-will, complaints, depression, moodiness, and you'll love sometimes—when you feel like it, and you will not live by faith, but by "feeling"— like it or not.

You will live defeated in sin until you repent of it.

Have you repented?

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