August 4, 2016

Are you happy?

Don't go changing to try and please me.

Remember that song by Billy Joel?

It's a sweet sentiment right?

When sentiment and reality meet, then how true is that statement in your life?

Who must change (behave, or perform) in order for you to be happy?









No one?


What is the secret to happiness (blessedness) in your life?

Happy is the same word as blessed in Greek.

Happy means delighted, pleased, glad.

Are you, without anyone having to change, perform, or behave, delighted, pleased, and glad?

If not, then you will be depending on others to cause you to smile.

The face (your life, and what you say) reveals the heart (Proverbs 27:19).

If you are happy, regardless of anything changing, or anyone doing this or that, then you are truly blessed, and more than that (but what is really more than that???), you have been redeemed.

If your happiness is dependent on absolutely, and only knowing God, then you know him.

The truly happy are truly always happy.

How can one NOT be happy ALWAYS in knowing God?

Would it not be a slap in your face if a friend of yours expected you to "tap dance" for her to smile?

Would it not be an insult to true love if your "true love" had to perform to be loved by you?

Would it not be true love if you only gave love if others did your bidding?

What must God think if you, claiming to be redeemed by him, at any time, sulk, pout, and gripe?

What would you tell others of the difference that God has made in your life?

How have you been made new, and is that a process, and if so, then does one sin as they change?

If so, then how much, and how long, and is the sin you do different than before you were made new?

Are you happy, and do you love, and must anyone (anything) change for that to occur?

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