July 26, 2016

You must be born again

Do you want to love your husband?

You cannot do it completely, and always unless you have the new nature.

Do you want to never lie again, and never lose your temper again, and never hate again?

You must be born new.

Do you desire to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

You must be recreated in the image of God.

First you follow Jesus, and do all that he commands, and when you see that you cannot do all that he commands, and you see that you are fretful, and hateful, and lazy, and love to gossip, and you find that you do not love God with ALL your heart, and you don't care two cents for your neighbor, and besides that, you know that your prayers are sporadic, and they hit the ceiling, and fall back to you.

And then you start asking questions.

Those who follow Jesus, ask him questions.

What are you asking him?

What is he telling you?

He will always be saying the same thing, for he never changes.

His words, found in the gospels, remain constant.

Love God with ALL your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Those are his commands, and he is serious, and he does not mean later.

And you ask him, "How am I to love God with all my heart, and my husband, who is mean, and my children, who are wild, and disobedient, and the neighbor, who is like the devil?

And he will say, as he said from the beginning of his ministry, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand," (Matthew 4:17).

He says, "Agree with me, for you will die soon."

Agree with the Spirit who finds you guilty of not loving as he commands you to love.

So repent, and be born new.

Then receive the new nature, given by God, and be made different, never to be the same again.

Are you different?

Do you still hate? Complain? Hoard? Judge? Steal? Lie? Covet? 

How is that anything new?

How is that different than worldly behavior?

Jesus says that a good tree will ONLY produce good fruit (Matthew 7:17).

Do you produce bad fruit, and do you think that is fine cause your good sometimes?

If so, do you consider yourself a good tree?

If so, then how is that possible when Jesus says that it is impossible?

Understand this: No where does Jesus say to accept him into your heart. He says, "Repent."

No where does Jesus say that you can do unkind things, and be a good tree too.

And to believe in Jesus is not to say that he was who he said that he was, or did what he did.

The demons believe all that, and they tremble.

To believe in Jesus is to DO all that he says to do.

Do you?

If not, then repent, and be born new.

Or do you want to hold on to some things?

That is your choice, and when you do those "things" it is because you love to do them (John 3:19).

Do you believe that?

Does your attempt at following Jesus consist of lip-service?

Jesus said something about that as well.

The tongue can say much, but where do your feet take you, and what do you do with your money?

Where do you expend energy?

Those who spend energy on sin, little or much, will be told to depart from Jesus (Matthew 7:21-23).

Where do we get the idea that one can be made new, and still behave in old ways?

A few more questions: Have you been made new, and if so, then are you perfect?

Do you know that Jesus commands perfection?

Do you believe that he meant it, and if so, then what are we perfect concerning when made new?

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