July 29, 2016

What have you hidden in your heart?

Psalm 119:11.

Do you know what that passage is?

Some may, and others may not.

Don't think that I am alluding to the fact that one must know every reference in Scripture.

There was a time when the passages were not referenced as they are now.

Psalm 119:11 tells us that the psalmist hid the word of the Lord in his heart.

Why did he do that?

So that he would not sin against God.

Is the word hidden in you?

If not, then does that mean that you will sin?

Why was the law given?

If we had never been given the commands to keep like "Don't steal, and don't bear false witness, and don't covet," then we would not have known NOT to do those things (Galatians 3:19).

That's right. God gave us the law that we might know what to do and what not to do.

It had to be spelled out. That's right. We would have thought it okay to steal unless told otherwise.

We have been told.

Now, if you speak an untruth, you know that you have sinned.

And then God simplified it for us.

He reduced ten commands to just two commands (Matthew 22:37-40).

Love God with all your heart, and love you neighbor as yourself.

So instead of knowing the ten commands, we need to hide just two in our hearts.

Instead of wondering if we have sinned by not keeping the ten, we only need to examine our hearts to see that we are keeping the two.

If you love God with all your heart, then you will worship him alone.

If you love your neighbor as yourself, then you will not lie to him/her, nor covet what they have.


See what love does to a heart?

Do you have love, like a river, flowing through you?

That is what Romans 5:5 tells us happens when God cleanses a soul.

Love is poured into a soul upon repentance.

Those who truly love God keep the two commandments; they love (I John 2:3).

Is God's word hidden in your heart?

If so, then you won't sin against him.

What we love, we keep close to us, and cherish it, and protect it, and ponder it, and adore it above all.

Do you love God, and the word?

You cannot love God, and the world.

Is the world hidden in your heart?

Do you love the things of the world?

Do you know how you will know?

Listen to what comes out of your mouth.

Is it the Word, or the world?

Do you sound like the world?

Do you love like God?

What is hidden in your heart comes out of your mouth (Matthew 15:18).

It moves your feet, and controls your brain, and your "neighbors" will know you love God, or the world, and will benefit if you love God, and will not if you love the world.

What is in your heart?

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