July 21, 2016

Train your children

Scripture is replete with admonishments to parents to train a child.

Do a google search, and you'll see, or just read the Bible :)

What needs to be taught?

Well, if you agree with Scripture that everyone is born in sin, then everything must be taught.

Teaching and training take time and energy.

If you are not taking the time, and expending energy on training, then it isn't getting done.

Yes, your children may be getting some training by others, but exactly what is it that they are learning from others, and are you going to rely on others to do the important tasks that Scripture appoints to you, and why would you not do what you've been instructed to do?

We are told that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and favor, with God and man (Luke 2:52).

Are your children growing as did Jesus?

Are you provoking them toward wisdom?

Do you know what wisdom is?

Concerning stature, the word includes the thought of achievement.

What do you think is important in the eyes of God that your child achieve?

Do others find your child favorable?

Is your child painful to be around?

Do they pout? Fuss? Do you allow them to be grouchy?

Are you teaching them that they make choices concerning their behavior?

Do you teach by example?

Do you allow yourself to be fussy, and grouchy, and do you pout?

If so, then at what point do you stop the unpleasant behavior?

Is there a time limit to that? Where to do find the time limit in Scripture? Is it arbitrary?

Do you think that you can simply stop those behaviors, or is it beyond you?

If so, then is it beyond them?

Do you know that teaching and training most often is not pleasant?

Do you know that the will of a child is to do what they want, and do it when they want?

What about you?

For whom do you live?

Is it solely for Christ and others?

Do you need wisdom in training your child?

Of course, and to those who ask of God, he will grant it.

But you must ask.

Leave them to their own decision making, and your children will be wild, unwise, and unpleasant.

If you call yourself a Christian, then you will be obedient, and you will be training your child.

Even the one who doesn't seem to want to learn (none do), and even the one who is hard-headed (they all are), and you will do so without prejudice, for the love of God, within his beloved, is not prejudice, and that love supersedes the ugliness in a child, and loves that child completely.

In loving a child completely, a parent will discipline with love, and consistency.

Do you?

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