July 9, 2016

On trying to be good

Christian, the crux of redemption is what?

From what is a soul saved?


That was the case before Christ.

So then why the need for Christ?

Before Christ, there was no indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

After Christ, the redeemed, who have repented, are given the very spirit of God.

I hear (often, and in a variety of ways) that a Christian can love others, but not exactly like God loves.

And that Christians aren't perfect.

And in saying that, then the Christian has given herself an "out" for when she is bad.


Full of sin.

How is that any different than the unsaved?

Are they not sinful?

Do they not try to be good?

Are they not successful at that?

Sure they are.

But in whose book, and compared to whom?

Do you really think that the unsaved cannot be kind, at times?

And loving— at times?

Weren't you kind and loving, at times, before you were saved?

I've seen a two-year-old be kind, and they have yet to know redemption.

So after you get "saved" and are now walking around as a Christian, how are you different than the unsaved, who still try to be good, and loving?

Do you have to try to be good, and loving?

If not, then is it automatic with you?

If yes, then how are you any different than the unsaved?

If yes, then how is your salvation, and goodness not of yourself?

How do you keep from boasting if you've done anything good?

And if you have to try to be good, and are successful, then do you look for pats on the back?

Do you get the "good job" award from God, and expect it from others?

Who does the "love" that you do when you do it?

If it is God's spirit, then when you are bad, how does that happen?

 And do you do your "bad" stuff facing the Creator?

Those, who know him, face him, as in, they stand before him.

Or do you turn you back on him, and then do your bad deeds, or sin?

If you turn your back on him, then at that moment, do you think that you are rejecting him?

What do you think God thinks?

It is time to know where you stand, and how you stand, and whose goodness is in you, or not.

A good tree does not produce bad fruit (Matthew 7:17).

That is what Jesus says.

Do you believe him?

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