July 27, 2016

"I love you"

Easy words to say, aren't they?

"I love you."

Imagine being told that by someone, and then never seeing them turn a tap for you.

Never getting up to get you a cool drink.

Never helping you out of your ditch.

Never going above and beyond the call of simple kindness for you.

The Samaritan did not know the man whom he loved.

Did not know his name.

Did not know why he was in the ditch.

Did not know if it was a deserved beating that had been inflicted.

All the Samaritan knew was love.

And because he knew love, he showed it.

He tended to a stranger all night long.

He asked for nothing in return.

He gave another person, the inn-keeper, money to continue to look after the stranger.

Do you love your husband?

Do you love your neighbor?

Do you love God?

People, whom you know, do you love?

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is made up of people who do as the Samaritan did.

Do you do as the Samaritan did to those you know?

Do you do as the Samaritan did to a complete stranger?

Jesus knows who lives as the Samaritan, and those individuals will enter into rest some day soon.

Those who spend energy otherwise, in sin, will not enter into heaven.

People like that are not at rest now, and do not know of the kingdom of heaven now, here on earth.

Those, who live for self, are fretful, and anxious, and until they repent, they will continue in sin.

Do you live as the Samaritan toward anyone?

Go ahead and say, "I love you," to people, but until you give as though you mean it, it is a lie.

It is lip-service.


The narrow road is a path that takes a person's feet down a certain way every day, in every way.




Without fear.

Those who walk it, know that life is short, and they do not live as though "this" is all there is.


They are in the world, but not OF it.

They long for heaven, and love God, and neighbor as commanded.

They are new.

Are you?

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